Water Soluble Filament for use in AMS?

Just curious if anyone has tried any water soluble filament for support for complex prints? Wondering if they would go through the AMS at all.

I’ve tried this last week, with Innofil Innosolve. It didn’t work. I got 3 nozzle jams, probably because of heat creap. With every try the first 2 filament swaps went okay, but with the third swap the Innosolve got stuck in the nozzle. The X1 wasn’t able to retract the filament.
I had more luck with the support filament from BL, which seems to be the same as the Polymaker support filament.


Thanks for sharing! I appreciate being able to learn from others mistakes instead of my own! :wink:

I got some very good success both in printing and use of AMS with Verbatim BVOH. Sadly it also is very expensive, but if you use it only for interface layer it is well worth the money and lasts quite a long time. Just submerge the stuff under water and the supports come off super easy. No problems with Nozzle clogs, AMS feeding or problems with layers not sticking.



Like this stuff?

Exactly this stuff! Well, almost, mine is not 2,85mm as your amazon link, but the normal 1,75mm size.
Got it here:

And buy a toothbrush too, it helps to get the last remains off SO much faster then waiting for them to disolve on their own :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thank you for the link.

Is the stuff Bambu sells water soluble? I print 100% PLA and just flush to supports on every print or if single filament printing use whatever I’m printing with. So, I have no experience with support materials.

No it is not. It just does not bond strong so it separates easily.

Not the slightest water soluble. I submerged it for several hours and it did not show even any hints of deforming or softening.

If you are interested in water soluble support for PLA, the material you want to look at is PVA.

I have used this sparingly in the past, but have not needed it since getting my X1C

Fused Materials PVA 3D Printer Filament, 1.75mm, 0.5kg roll https://a.co/d/2pmdwoO

PVA in my experience is great when you need supports in an area that is not really accessible after printing to get out the supports. However, just soaking does not dissolve it well, it really needs some movement. I have seen setups using something like a sonic jewelry cleaner or even a bin of water sitting on a bed slinger printer just moving back and forth for 12 hours.

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Hi did you use the BVOH with ABS? what setting did you use for the BVOH?

Any luck on PVA filament? I got a bunch of prints that are in need of supports. I havent used my old printer in like 7 months and Im sure its need calibrated. Got spoiled with X1C LOL… But I want to know if anybody or you had luck with it.

I use eSUN PVA in my AMS all the time. Just make sure to dry it out and that the desiccant in the AMS isn’t saturated. As long as it stays dry it will feed fine.

Did you respool this onto a Bambu spool? Also, in the slicer, what did you select as the support material?

Oh, I forgot to mention that yes I did have to respool it onto a normal sized spool to use in the AMS. I just printed one of those adapters that attachs to a variable speed cordless drill and that made it a pretty easy process.

I just used the Generic PVA profile and it was fine. I think I tweaked the temps slightly to try and get rid of as much stringing as possible, but it wasn’t too bad (and dissolves anyway). Just remember to keep the PVA as dry as possible.

Could you provide the settings that you used for PVA?

For sure. Here you go. Start with the Generic PVA profile.

Basic Information
Soluble material: :heavy_check_mark:
Support material: :heavy_check_mark:
Diameter 1.75 mm
Flow ratio: 0.95
Density: 1.25
Recommended nozzle temperature: Min 180 - Max 230

Print Temperature
Nozzle: Initial layer: 190 - Other layers: 190
All plates: Initial layer: 65 - Other layers: 60

Volumetric speed limitation
Max volumetric speed: 16

Setting Overrides
Z hop when retract: 1.2
Z Hop Type: Spiral
Retract when layer change: :heavy_check_mark:

Ive used PVA I got on sale for $25 a roll, usually its double. The problem I had there were still a tiny amount of it in the nozzle even after the filament switch and flushing and it would fuse to the model. And then it was not fully water soluble but turns into these fibers that are somewhat hard to remove. To me breakaway support filament is superior unless you are doing some kind of complex shape that will not work with tree supports.

Another ongoing request for water soluble filament to use in the AMS. The Verbatim BVOH in 1.75mm does not seem to be available. What I need must be water soluble.