"We need to review your point history"!

This is new to me, anyone else get this too lately? I have to wait for approval from the look of it - I wonder if this is a new approach to combat in case of spammers.

I also wonder, when or how will I know can I proceed the redemption if approved.

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It happens to me most times I redeem multiple gift cards at a time in a short span. It usually clears after a few hours, I’ve had it take 24 hrs or so once. I believe its an automated flag that has to be manually reviewed by someone at Bambu. When I have it happen I just keep randomly trying to redeem until it works.


its like this We see you’ve earned too many points in a small amount of time

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Interesting, my last redemption was on Jan 27th. Could be a (20) quota per month?

I get this notification on my 21st gift card, I thought I can slowly redeem by weekly to avoid the quota per week. It could be per month quota (I guess).

Oh well - I got to wait lol.

Never heard about a monthly limit. I redeemed some 28 gift cards within two weeks.

Just wait, something triggered a manual review in your case. No big deal.

well i dont buy more then 3gift cards a month, but according @JamesThePrinter he gets something like that every week

Jealous, Heck i recently just got my 2nd card ever and was thrilled. Wish i was skilled enough to make everyday objects out of rope. :grin:

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For someone who took a long long long time to acccumulate points, I sometimes wish I gained points fast enough to trigger a manual review :slight_smile:

this video will learn you how to make a rope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pb-aZm0flo

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Neat but that’s above my skill level. I still struggle with tinkercad. :rofl:

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Its 13 per week, with a weekly reset on the weekend (exact date/time will be different for everyone I think).

After the few couple of months, I stopped getting these notifications. Now everything goes very smoothly. Maybe after a set amount of reviews, they flag your account as ok?


That’s why they call it Tinkercad, because you’ve just gotta keep tinkering until it is your skill level :sunglasses:

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The limit is 14 per week. It resets at 12am GMT (UTC +0) Saturday nights/Sunday mornings.

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So do you redeem weekly or do you just let your points accumulate?

I got this this morning but I never got any message saying my points needed review. I was like” uhhh okay, thanks for checking” lmao. I didn’t get rejected last time I redeemed. Seems like I got this on accident.

I’m glad they give a notice message via the system notification.

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I redeem my points weekly.

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I am receiving system notifications mentioning the following,

“Point History Review Complete
The review of your point history has been completed. You are now able to proceed with your redemption. Thank you for your understanding.”

By looking at the history of the messages it seems like a weekly occurrence even thou I have not been spending/redeeming my points for a while.

I believe that they are looking at the point accumulation over time and have a threshold where the account is temporary blocked for redeeming points until a manual review has been completed.

In the past I have had many manual reviews and my account has been approved for redeeming the points after a few days. I’m a bit lazy to redeem my points and often let them accumulate until I am about to order new supplies.

I’m glad they are now making it more visible for the users that the account is flagged for manual review in addition to notify the user when it is done.

The mechanism is implemented to protect the community and I’m glad that they follow this closely so that they can maintain a good point system for creators to keep uploading good models :slight_smile:


now buy them gift crads