We need your feedback

However, the most important thing is we need to know of any hardware problems. So can you please comment on this topic if you have had any issues with the extension board/hardware. Our R&D team just wants to make sure the hardware is working right.

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I filled out the survey.

Yes, you are 1 of the 13 if I recall :wink: Thank you.

Did you close the Extension Board forum?
I cannot add a new topic.

No, you have to be in the sub category Beta Testing https://forum.bambulab.com/c/bambu-extension-board/beta-testing/143 If you are not in that sub category you cannot create a topic (post) in the parent category.

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Is this the same one that went out via email? I did fill that one out, and the questions appear to be the same.

Also, it appears that I’m not in the group to be able to post, but I am a tester and have the hardware.

Yes, the same one. Again, only 13 had filled it out prior to my post today. I see no reason why if you can comment on this topic why you can’t create a topic in this same area.

Yeah, I don’t get it either, but here we are, lol.

Because you are not in the Beta Testing sub category

Ah, got it, the structure is a bit confusing.

I became a father a couple of days after the board arrived. Having that said, I unfortunately haven’t had the time yet to even unpack the extension board and print the enclosure and might not be able doing so and/or continue exploring the capabilities of the extension board it in the near future. It’s a pity the package arrived by the same time of the birth of my child, but obviously my family wellbeing has a higher priority.

Would you like me to send the extension board back so somebody else will have the chance to test and tinker with it or should I keep it? I will definitely give it a try at some point, but for now this is just not possible for apparent reasons. If I should return it, can you please send me a shipping label to the email address associated with my account?

Thanks for your effort guys! :slight_smile:

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