We see you’ve earned too many points in a small amount of time

So the guy who was able to make enough points for a second $40 gift card finally gets flagged but the creators who racked up thousands of dollars worth of points is ok. Ok Bambu. Well that sucks…

Pretty sure this is something everyone has to wait for

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Couple weeks ago it redeemed right away, sounds like something they recently implemented. I guess I’m ok to wait for redemption but there isn’t anything stating how we will know when the redemption is available. :sob:

True, you just kind of have to try every few hours or days

It’s a standard message now. Usually approved within 24 hours. Printables usually takes a couple of days. I just wish BL would notify you with the approval status.

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Cool I wasn’t aware but I’ll check back tomorrow. Thank you!

Did this resolve for you? I have the same error (5th time now) it normally sorts out within 24 hours but has been 3 days this time.

Nope still a no go, I’m not going to purchase my filament until it releases. $40 is $40 lol

Yeah im waiting to pick up a ams this last voucher will make it more or less free.

Its weird though as i say normally its sorted within 24 hours

I know they’ve been removing a lot of fake download numbers models and copyrighted models as of the last 4 working days, so theyre probably overworked doing that.

Maybe , just hope its sorted soon

Mines working again now

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Just tried this morning, mine worked too! Thanks for the heads up.

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I wasn’t as lucky as you. I am temporarily blocked for one month and don’t know why.

I have also received the same block without a reasoning and no clue why.

me to but why do you know