"You are temporarily blocked from redeeming points"

Since yesterday I couldn’t redeem points. Same problem as many others had.

But now I am “temporarily blocked” for one month!

WHY? No explanation! Only:

Due to recent violations of acquiring points on your account, MakerWorld will temporarily suspend your related privileges.

But I’m sure I haven’t done anything wrong!

Anyone else with the same problem? I’ll also ask the support …

BTW: “Total Incomes: 5,185”. I’m sure there are many people with many more points …

Keep us posted but I’m guessing it might have something to do with your 46 print profiles on a single page.

That’s a good idea! It’s only one profile per model, but it could look curious.

Yeah I’m not 100% sure just a guess. Congrats on the points though wow I’ve only acquired about 1000 points since it launched.

One thing that many makers aren’t aware of is the usage of the plate options. If you take a look at my slide cover design it will only be 1 print profile but when you hit “print” you will see all options to print with their respective print plate shown so the user knows what they are printing.

I believe this is the most efficient way of presenting users with printable options and keeps the print profiles on the page less cluttered. A lot of users are placing different designs as different print profiles and it gets bloated rather quickly.

Your suspension though is just a hunch maybe send them a ticket and hopefully they can get it sorted out.


I changed most of the print profiles to “private”. Perhaps I will later upload new profiles with different plates.

But for now I’m very disappointed with MakerWorld. So I’m waiting for their answer.

I am in the same situation as Schiko. I woke up to the same message this morning without any explanation.
This is extremely frustrating when I have spent most of my spare time the past 3-4 weeks on modeling and improving models by requests.
Adding print profiles for the models for different users liking.

I would appreciate a description on what they find as a “violation” as a minimum.

I was not aware of this or at least did not think of that as a way upload prints.

I must say thou that the users can’t be blamed for not knowing this by them selves. If Bambu Lab wants the makerworld users to create profiles like this they also need to guide the users in a way so that this is the most intuitive way of creating profiles.

I totally agree but I’m not entirely sure I’m right or not because even Bambu doesn’t follow that guideline.

It just made sense for me for my model to be less cluttered. Instead of 7 different print profiles, 1 for each design I could see people trying to download my model and not having a good experience if 5-6 print profile creators showed up and then I had a laundry list of profiles. For me and my opinion it keeps it easy and clean for people to check out. One profile just pick your plate and print. :+1:t4:

I absolutely see that the way you do it would be beneficial in many scenarios.
As you mention. The list of print profiles easily get cluttered if there is a print profile for every variation.

So the problem really seems to be that we have too much print profiles.

I hope and ask Bambu Lab to provide clarity!

Im in the same boat, this morning I woke up to “Due to recent violations of acquiring points on your account”. All models set to private. What’s most weird is people have still manage to download them. I have been getting points all day with nothing but private models and profile.

Wonder how many people got hit with this, or when they will solve it. Lots of people waiting to the rest of my models so they can finalize their projects…

That is just annoying!

I haven’t uploaded that many models yet, so I’m not that familiar with everything. To the best of my knowledge, I do what the software offers me when I make the settings for my uploads.

Good thing you created this topic here. That’s why I looked up and searched where I can find hints on what is allowed and what is not, or how Bambulab envisions it (rules). Some violations, which are done very quickly, even without malicious intent, can lead to account suspension. Even though it is a pity, because I wanted to help other users with print profiles, I have now deleted two print profiles from my account. Because they do not comply with the rules. For example, one changes a model and uploads it as a remix. But maybe these are only minor changes, because the model itself is not very extensive. This should be marked as a “share”. I can’t change this to “Share” afterwards. Then please make a clear user guidance so that such mistakes don’t happen. To be honest, I’m a bit unsure what other pitfalls are waiting that might be a disadvantage for me later. At the moment, I therefore feel less motivated to participate in the system.

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I am feeling the same as you. I was really motivated helping out the community and put time and energy down into making makerworld a better place for everyone. But getting blocked without having any information on what “violations” has been triggered is really not a good experience and I am not motivated to contribute to the platform in the same way as before.
I have opened tickets trying to figure out which of my models or profiles is “violating” intended use. But I am not receiving any information on the matter.
I fully understand that Bambu lab and makerworld need to have mechanisms in place to prevent fraudulent activity and prevent users accumulating huge amounts of points by unfair practices. But I have not done this in any way. My points is hard earned and it is a bad feeling having several thousand points locked down that I don’t know if I will be able to redeem or not.

In makerworlds defence thou. They give out a high amount of points at the moment, but I feel that this should be an investment in building the platform. They pay us in points to give user experience and feedback back to them.
They should absolutely reduce the points given out per model/ download in the future, maybe also consider a weighted system based on filament usage of the models.

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Maybe you should just give more points for uploading models that are verified by the creator. Maybe only models that meet certain criteria in order to maintain a quality standard.

Then there is only motivation to upload proper models and the whole farming abuse is eliminated. And whether something is a remix or something else shouldn’t matter; no points for anything, but only as I just said, verified models that bring a benefit to the community. Of course, this includes above all technical models, which are usually a bit trickier and some of which are quite extensive, or other models that can be replicated well. But in this context, very good support in the form of user guidance should then also be integrated on the platform. Or alternatively a PDF in different languages explaining how to create such qualtitatively desired models, i.e. what exactly I have to do (you know what I mean …).

Exactly, how on earth would this motivate anyone? The response I got from support was they need 7 days to figure out why, it may be because I got to many points to quickly. In other words, the more you contribute, the greater the chances of you getting banned. If you release a model, that becomes popular and everyone likes it, you will be banned over night for it. How is that not absolutely crazy?

If they want to have mechanism in place to prevent fraudulent activities, do that mechanic when people try to redeem a price. Do that in the background while people can access the models, if you find the user is being fraudulent then ban the user. Don’t ban the user the first thing you do then wait 7 days until you can double check it manually. That is ludicrous, why would I want to upload my models and contribute to that, it will just increase the chances of me getting banned.

I couldn’t agree more.
I won’t contribute to the site anymore before I know that the points achieved through hard and honest work can be redeemed. This has been the reason for me spending time and trying to improve the service by providing models, feedback and responses to requests.
If they want to change the amount of points given on activities that is OK, that is part of being in beta. As long as we can redeem and collect the prices under the current conditions first.
I really don’t like the way they are handling this at the moment. I try to hold back my frustration and give them slack for being in beta, but I’m strugling to hold back frustration at the moment.

It’s easy to forget that the site is still in beta. There will be issues, there will be problems, there will be mistakes. That’s what a beta release is for working out. If this is a deal breaker then Maker World probably isn’t for you at this point in time. I totally get how frustrating it can be not having any answers to these issues. It’s something that needs improvement. Hopefully everything gets ironed out soon.


Everything you all write is exactly what I think and feel.
I also won’t upload any models here until I have clarity.
I wish the support would answer …

Great news for me at least, I’m unbanned. Didn’t take them the 7 days only 28h so that was better than expected. But still left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Hope they learn from this. Feels like it all worked out backwards. I got banned by their automatic system because I gained to much downloads too fast. I have not tried to withdraw any rewards or anything alike. Feels like that’s when they should draw the line? Instead of banning innocent people who done nothing wrong or even tried to profit of their contribution then wait for a manual verification they could just not let people redeem points until they have been manually verified. Now it feels like the punish people who try to contribute to their whole eco system, the more you contribute the more popular you get, the higher the chance of you getting banned. Hopefully this didn’t put too much of a dent in my project and people will be afraid of downloading it from now on.

I really hope it solves itself for the rest of you guys!

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Congrats! That lets me hope …

So you also opened a support ticket?
Do you also have models with many print profiles or was it just because you had too much downloads too fast?
Did you get any information what went wrong?