What do you do with your spools?

I like the idea of reusable spools, but unfortunately every engineering material, CF filled filament, support filament, etc. comes with its own spool. I have bought the basic PLA without the spool, but that is the material I use the least.

So I already have collected more than 10 empty spools just laying around, wasting space. I am about to throw them away if I can not find any practical use for them.

Any ideas what to do with them? Do you throw them away?


I use them to winding filament from non BL brands or samples; it simplifies the AMS use.
If you don’t have any, neither intend to, I suggest selling it. I would buy it, if the cost is appealing.
Another option is to repurpose them into useful things. There are some online ideas that you may check (e.g. organisers).
If you are going to throw it away, I will be glad to pay the postage to my garbage can :slight_smile: