What is the box under the temperature controls for?

On the device page, I think it has something to do with temperature, as it has a degrees C symbol to the right of it, but what? I can enter numbers, but they disappear when I move the mouse…

Hi. Which or what box are you referring to? Can you show it in an image?


The field the OP is referring to is to control the Chamber Temperature.
I suspect the OP has a P1 series as AFAIK it’s not applicable on the P1S.

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Thanks for the reply, but not that circled box, the one above it that has 22/_C. Is that for chamber temp or humidity? This is a P1S printer.

It reports chamber temp, if your printer has a chamber temp sensor. In my cold shop, I’ve learned that my X1C needs at least 26°C in the chamber to prevent spaghetti. I preheat with the bed.

With a heater-equipped X1E, you can set a minimum chamber temp for printing.


Thanks Matty, I think you are right, it is chamber temperature, and I do have the P1S. It would be nice if there was a picture of the BBL Studio different panels and what each icon is for, I like pictures.