What is the difference btw the black PEI plate and the gold PEI plate?

Is there any difference, other than color?

For some reason, the gold plate is labeled as being suitable for PLA/ABS/PETG, but the black plate is labeled for PLA/ABS/TPU/PC but NOT PETG… What gives?

On the product pages of both plates, they advertise being compatible with all the same filaments… why would they be marked differently? Any thoughts or wisdom?

Maybe they legitimately forgot to put PETG on the black plate, haha. I’ve printed a ton of PETG on mine, and it’s worked beautifully, so it’s definitely not an explicit “don’t do this” kind of deal.

As for the diff between the gold and the black, I believe the new gold plates are supposed to be more durable, and resistent to losing the textured coating. A lot of people reported that it was peeling off the black plates. I’ve had a small example on this on side of one of my black plates, and I’ve got 4 of them, yet to see any issues with the others, so it’s hit and miss.

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Glad to hear yours is working well. So far I have not had good luck with my black PEI plate. Ive attempted two prints with eSun PETG and it has peeled up mid print each time. I may try upping the bed temp. It’s strange because I never had issues getting PETG to stick to PEI on my bed slinger.

Thanks for your thoughts. I agree it seems like an oversight as far as the plate labeling goes.

Another thkng is that the gold reflects light 100% better

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There is a message on the plates saying glue may help did you try a lite coat. The glue helps ,( there should have been liquid that came with the printer.

The gold plate is also supposed to be better for higher bed temperatures than the black. Heard that in a review, don’t know if they got the info from Bambu, or somewhere else.

You’re correct, the plate does say that glue can help. But no, I have not tried any glue. I do have both liquid glue and the normal glue stick from bambu, but I didnt really want to use glue on my PEI sheet because that felt like it would defeat the whole purpose of the PEI sheet. After all, the whole advantage of using a PEI sheet is that you dont need to use glue, making for easy clean up.

Over the past two days, I have done a couple gridfinity prints on the PEI sheet using PETG, and have had much better success! All I did was up the first layer height slightly and increase the bed temp by 5°C and now I am getting perfect adhesion.


If you would ha e read the wiki it says glue is used as a release agent. Yes parts can stick very well on the PEI. Glue is not going to hurt the plate (if you don’t right)

Hence why BBL marked in the plate glue can help, also what they have a chart on wiki on what filaments and ate glue should be used on.

I’ve also had problems with small parts of the Black PEI plate coming off on my prints.
Also had problems with some of the white text on the Engineering Plate coming off on my prints.
Mostly print PETG.
I have noticed that the new Gold PEI plates have a pattern in the middle. Anyone had problems with the pattern coming off?

Not sure what pattern youre referring to. I do not have an identifiable pattern in my gold or black plate.

I’m glad I bought a black plate before these became available. I have to think the image becomes molded into the bottom of the prints.

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Haha wow! THATs what you mean by a pattern :laughing: I think I purchased mine before they started putting that Bambu logo in the center. But, having worked with PEI plates with similar logos, I can offer my experience. If there is any logo, pattern, etc on the plate it will come off in my experience. I’m really not sure why they bother putting it on at all

I think the design is etched onto the steel sheet before powder coating so it “shouldn’t” transfer to the design. That being said, I bought my gold textured plates before the design was added so I have no way of testing this theory.

haha. I didn’t realise it was the Bambu logo.
Thanks for putting the image up @lkraus.

I have another question.
If I get a Gold PEI Plate from Bambu I don’t trust the logo not coming off onto my prints. As I said earlier, it happens with my Engineering plates, where the text came off, so I’m presuming it’s going to happen with these new Gold Plates.
There are other places where you can get Gold PEI plates for the Bambu. Has anyone bought one from somewhere else that was good?

You’ll be good. The logo is made with the PEI coating so it’s debossed into the texturing. Only way that’ll go away is if the texture goes away

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My newest X1C came with the gold PEI plate with the logo. While the logo and the words on the side are etched in before the texture and thus do not affect adhesion, the logo does show up on the print. You do have to look for it though, tilt the print in different directions to find the imprint.

I really wish Bambu would figure out their gold plate. The first ones they made after the black plates were great. Then the monstrosities that are the second gen gold plates were awful. This plate has the print quality of the first gen gold plates, which is great, but there is the logo…

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My gold bed adheres so well to PETG that my prints sometimes get destroyed when removing them from the buildplate. The black plates did not have this problem.

Anyone some tips to decrease bed adhesion?

Glue stick.

I’ve had some success removing stuck prints by placing the plate in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.

That’s indeed useful with a single print, but not when removing prints automatically. Assuming it would not work if you apply once every 10 prints?