What is this failure caused by?

This is the Gorilla case from Thangs. It printed perfectly the first time. I used the same settings and PLA in this print. I wonder if it has something to do with the latest Firmware?

reset the machine and recalibrate

If I were to guess I would start by checking the kinematics (motion system) and extrusion system in that area of the plate. I’d first assume the filament is getting starved out when the machine reaches that area. The print area looks to be at the far end of the machine, and I’m assuming that the filament is getting choked and not extruding.

You might be able to check by pushing and pulling the filament by hand (but not fully loaded in the extruder), and moving the print head to the point of the failure. If it gets tougher to push and pull that could be a part of the problem.

Causes could be add on’s for the print head filament guide or cable chain binding the filament path. But note it could be many other things that I just can’t see too. Start the process of elimination, generally by getting back to stock if its modified.

Do a factory reset and full self test calibration and it will go away. There’s something wrong with the firmware update process for some machines. I had the same issue and the factory reset did the trick. Takes about 10 mins total.

  1. Power cycle the printer
  2. Calibrate the filament and save the value
  3. Power cycle the printer
  4. Set the calibrated value for the filament (again, as the printer forgets it after a power cycle)

also, don’t use grid infill, use gyroid. If you want your parts to be actually strong, increase the number of walls