What would happen if you didn't purge between changes?

I have a project where basically the two filaments are expensive, but print at the same temps and there’s no real reason why they couldn’t mix, plus they’re both PP based so they would bond together well.

So what would happen if I just set it not to purge and the filaments were able to mix a bit? Would this cut down on wasted filament during changes?

Kinda tempted to try it with two kinds of PLA and see what happens. What settings would I change?

Yes, this would eliminate purge waste. You’d get a gradual change from one color to another. You could set the purge multiplier to zero, or maybe want to look at the “purge to infill” option (not sure if you can use both of these at the same time.)

I used to do this sort of thing occasionally when I used my Palette.

I am a bit skeptical of trying this with PP if for no other reason than I think it would not work well in the AMS. I have printed with PP and it’s interesting, but I have only one color (clear).

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I’m also wondering about that, apparently with a low volumetric speed, zero retraction, and a .6 nozzle it prints like a dream. That first part should help it work in the AMS, at least that’s what the TPU guys found.

if you dont mind a bleed of colour nothing will be a problem. i cant see it being an issue at all… its more for the AMS so it can remove one filament and replace with another.