When are we getting Maker Filters?

Having my usual morning scroll through the new uploads for the odd interesting Model has been getting difficult of late. Seems the latest craze is to bulk-upload entire catalogues of Wall Plaques and Xmas Ornaments for a few odd “Makers”. This gets old real quick I tell you, I’m more interested in watching the paint fade.

Please MakerWorld either give us the option to Mute a Maker or at the very least limit uploads to 10/day or something realistic.


Same here. need that mute button ASAP

What? You don’t like seeing the alphabet uploaded one letter at a time? and then reuploaded by another in a different font? :rofl:

*edit… oh wow, I just saw the wall art uploader you were referring to.

I mean no disrespect to the artists who spend countless hours for their Art, but these examples I’m referring to are simply copy/paste. They don’t even take the time to render realistic backgrounds.

Just thinking now, heck I would even stretch my luck and ask for a mute button for 2D Art and Generative 3D. I can’t remember downloading one, let alone being interested enough to click on one.

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I’d love a checkbox upon uploading that asks if a print is a trinket or a practical print, and then being able to use that as a filter when searching for something.

I have zero interest in the former, but have to wade through millions of them each time I’m looking for a practical print.

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I agree, though the current crop of uploaders are basically interested in getting views through spamming the feed and I don’t think they’re too fussed with staying within their lanes. It’d end up like the “printed image evidence” box.

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I’m at a point where in a lot of cases I would rather design the thing I’m looking for than searching or looking through the catalogue.

I’m pretty much the same, if I need something I’ll drop into fusion and play there.

The issue for me is I don’t need or use the search/filter function as I scroll through the new uploads for the odd thing that is FTIJPI and tag it onto my queue. The spam is a nuisance after the 200th snowflake wall art, I tend to get bored and give up looking.

Totally agree, I too like to browse and see if anything I haven’t thought of is available, but with all the garbage uploaded, the willingness to scroll endlessly for 1 mildly interesting design decreases fast.

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