When Big layer adhesion issue using different material

Hello, I’ve noticed a significant layer adhesion problem when using a different material for the support interface. The part becomes very fragile at the layers where the printer uses a different material. This issue occurs across the entire layer of the part and also affects other parts printed at the same time. I’m using PLA for the part and PETG for the interface. How can I solve this problem? I suspect there might be a bug in the slicer software. Thank you in advance.


Could it be the two filament types dont mix ?

You are correct. PETG and PLA do not play nicely together. You will get very little adhesion (if any) between those 2 types of filament.


I am using different filaments for the interface layer. I used PLA as interface on PETG and PETG as interface on ABS, without any problems. It takes a bit longer than with one material only, but the result is way better. And with the AMS it is very comfortable.
Did you activate the cleaning tower?
Did you change the cleaning volume?


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Significantly increase the flushing between the support and the main material. You are likely getting PETG mixed in with the PLA. The same issue happens with the Bambu PLA Support

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Thank you very much. I’ll try that.

I think you are right. I don’t use a cleaning tower, and I haven’t increased the rinsing. Should I do both, or is just one enough? If rinsing is sufficient, by how much should it be increased? Thank you in advance.

Yes, actually, that’s the goal. I use PETG to get supports that don’t stick to PLA. Other responses indicate that I should ensure the flushing is sufficient between filament changes.


I use the prime tower, but still require extra flushing to prevent the support material from mixing with PLA.

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How do you deal with the differences in temp ?
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It’s resolved, I increased the flushing to 530 and it’s good. 375 was not enough.

It’s not a temperature problem. The problem is solved by increasing flushing.

Perhaps should you use another translator ? :slight_smile: I suggest Deeple or ChatGpt.

ABS and PETG was no problem, ABS and PLA is a too big difference, you get a warning from Bambu studii/slicer.
A problem that occured was a too low bed temperature. With ABS i use 90°C bed temp. By having a support in the lowest layers, the slicer set the bed temperature to 70°C. Lead to bad adhession, one corner liftet up from the bed while printing the higher layers.