When do you get the Return information?

I filled out the form to Return my A1, but have not had any other communication other than the ticket being placed. Does anyone know when we get the info (address) to return the printer?
I expected an RMA and instructions but after a week have not received any info - this is in Canada purchased direct from Bambu.
Thanks for any info!

I am waiting since Monday. Good to hear I am not the only person who has not received a return label yet. I don‘t understand why they don‘t send out the 80€ voucher so we can already order a different bambu printer without waiting weeks. I am disappointed how stupid Bambu is (not) acting after they are recalling our printers.

Good luck for everybody who is still waiting for a reply/label

hi I put in a return on the 4th of Feb. and received my returns label on the 7th, this is uk and direct from bambu

I’m in the UK, my return ticket was sent on 30th Jan and still not heard anything yet.

I’m in Germany, my return ticket was sent on 5th Feb. and still not heard anything yet

Within a few hours of me posting the delay on this forum i was sent a return label and instructions.
My next issue is trying to source a large cardboard box for Bambu’s £6.50 - £7.95 estimated costing, as so far i have been quoted well in excess of this price and that does not include any internal packing either.

sent mine on Feb 2nd and still havent gotten anything back :confused:

New Year celebrations in China continue until February 15th.
Therefore, I assume that we will definitely have to wait until February 19th.

I updated my A1 to the latest firmware ,upon completion i was issued with a recall notice and a qr code to scan , i assume as a verification of owner and machine ?, ive also opted for the exchange rather than a return

Still waiting too…
Ticket was open at 06.02. From Germany

As I mentioned above my return was sorted pretty quick and they have received my printer, I’m not sure if this is because I did have a bulge in my cable and had started an earlier ticket to let them know this, maybe they could be prioritising these first (just a thought) I will update if i get any news on the refund and voucher

I applied for mine on Sunday the 4th last week in the US and I still haven’t got my info

I am waiting from 5 feb

Haven’t heard back in 8 days. Just going to order a P1S now as no faith the return process or voucher is going to materialize soon

06/02 to return printer. No response as well

Same for me, return ticket done the 07/02 and no answer yet.

Same, I’m in the UK and opted to send it back straight away and have heard nothing. It’s been boxed ready to go back for well over a week now. It’s just odd that some people have had shipping labels sent out to them already. It came straight from Bambu labs in Europe.

My printer is on the way to being refunded and I received the return label this afternoon.
Now I’m just waiting for the things to come.

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No response since couple days.

I understand that this is a diffucult situation for bambu and hope they will solve it as good they can. A1 can be a great printer if the fix the few small things including this recall :slight_smile:

It took about a week for me (located in TX), but I did finally get a response and shipping label yesterday. Hope everyone gets theirs soon.

What I want to know is if the $80 credit is ONLY good for another machine or can it be used in the store for whatever? I’m looking to upgrade to a P-series, but don’t want to lose out on the $80 just b/c I’m impatient :wink: