When will the 1 million plus .stl data carriers come?

For me it goes in the direction of the Digital embroidery machines. First everyone runs around and gets maybe 20-30 models. Then, like now with 3D printing, you get offline data carriers with 20,000 models and in a few years you may get CD with 1 million plus models out of the box. Everything neatly organized and without internet directly on a 1TB harddrive?

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Yeah probably but I would appreciate that about as much as the 800 pages hardback book we keep for nostalgia in a shelf at work. It actually lists a hellofalot of URLs from all over the Internet at the time (like 1997 or so?).


And it wasn’t sold as a joke. But… wait, you… wait, what? Just… wow… I mean, it wasn’t even before search engines at all.

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I remember that. Or at least a similar book in Dutch.Not sure about the number of pages it had.

If it weren’t sad, I would laugh along with it :wink:

Last summer a 3D printer went to an island with 2.5 million inhabitants. The printer went to the technical school and it was the first one they got there. Likewise, 10 laptops came through me - 80 students with access to 4 computers, now they have 14. Only 65.7% of the world’s population has access to the Internet.

Have fun printing when the internet doesn’t work… but apparently that’s as common as electricity from the socket…

And when war breaks out in Ukraine those internet boys s… in their pants and scream for persons like me so that they can still get their food on the table :crazy_face:

It wasn’t even 10 years ago that the only internet connection I got was my cell phone with analogue speed so you can still run internet in the western world.

Sorry - if the internet were a country, the country would be among the top 10 countries in terms of electricity consumers. Time to learn again how you should actually deal with the stuff and just turn it off for 3-4 weeks… and yes it can by truned off. There are 5 nodes, if they make the conclusion it’s over with Internet funny - The main address administration for Europe and Russia is in Holland and without IP addresses you can then have as many lines as you want. Ok, the Loworbit connection “Starlink” from Elon Musk brings a little more security to the matter…

Oh my God, what generation is growing up? It’s a miracle that they can still go to the toilet without internet and don’t even know what they are using.

And this i have to add. then I get quiet… the reason way I bring this 10 PC to them, because they will feed me if the western world can not order there Food online. And belief it or not, 3D Printers are a big hope that Food will come, because it will keep the basic supplies running as well…