Where can I find the STL for the X1 LED light holder?

I am installing the drag chain on my P1P and it has a cover the fits where the P1P LED is mounted. I noticed that the X1 has the light mounted next to the camera, and I would like to move my light to that spot.

I’ve used this before I mount the LED strip in front of the print head use this.

The Bambu versions of the P1P upgrades are here.

The P1P holder does not work after adding the cable chain. There is a cover over that area of the channel where it mounts. And, the P1P holder is too tall to fit in the X1 location next to the camera. That is why I was looking for the X1 mount. :grin:

That make sense. I have an X1C so am not as up on P1P lore as I should be. :wink:

Take a look here: Modified LED Mount