Where is the customer service?

I bought a X1C last year and have been using it for my business - not private. Now on 10.2.2024 the head bed all of a sudden stopped working. No big issue I thought, I still have lots of warranty time left on this machine, so I opened a ticket.
It’s been 12 days now and I have not gotten any reply at all. I tried all I could but am at a dead end.
I think it’s unacceptable to not reply for such a long time. There are no phone numbers to call, emailing did nothing.
I highly recommend to look elsewhere if you are, like me, reliant on the machine working. I thought about buying another X1C to use as backup but I think that’s the wrong way to handle it.
Any tips on what to try?

That was a very bad time for a failure. Support was already backed up and slow before they shut down completely for:

When is Chinese New Year 2024?Saturday, February 10th

Chinese New Year 2024 falls on Saturday, February 10th, 2024, and celebrations culminate with the Lantern Festival on February 24th, 2024.

The 7-day CNY public holiday ended on the 16th. So they are back but probably are dealing with big backlog.

For critical business needs, if it were me, I would have backups though. For a mostly online business the customer service is not going to be able to respond fast enough to provide repair or replacement quickly enough. Hope OP gets a reply soon in any case.

Thanks for the info!
Yeah, I never had a bed go bad on me in like 8 years I have been into 3D printing - but I could not even order one if I wanted to - not available from their website nor anywhere else. Am I missing something?

I just checked. It looks like they are in stock. Another place to check is Micro Center if you have one nearby.

edited: Just noticed that you may be in Germany. What I checked is the US store.

Agree on the bad timing. I submitted a ticket on the 8th, limited reply on the 12th and final resolution came this morning. 22nd.

Yeah, kind of Murphys Law. I meant that I could not just order the heat bed separately. I would actually get another X1C or P1S as a backup - but I feel I should invest my money in a company that cares about the customers also after the purchase.


Day 16 without any contact…

I must be stuck in the backlog. Bought the X1 on vday, it arrived on the 21st and during install the display connector separated. Not sure what to do now. It hasn’t even been turned on.

Contact your bank and ask for a chargeback and provide them this information. Some banks have a 30 day wait and BambuLabs can dispute it - but either way it will certainly light a fire under butts to get to your ticket or they risk issues with CC processors. Not being able to take VISA in the US - or simply being charged at .7% more per transaction - would be a problem.


I may have to do this. It’s been more than the 14 days they allow for returns on their site, but no responses.

Wrote this somewhere here in the forum before. I dare say that a company like BL should not rely on the excuse of CNY anymore. The majority of the customers are outside China and they have all right to be treated as customers, i.e. fast service. If there is a delay 2-3 days, ok. But 12 days ? no way. Shame on them and shame that they don’t want to openly disclose their problems. If you want to be accepted as an internatiomnal active company, act like one.

They put something on a blog mentioned on X/Twitter, but it’s mainly referring to those affected by the A1 recall. Says 3 day responses for other technical tickets, but…

You are not alone.

I submitted a ticket about my printer (X1C) after firmware update it fail to home the bed, I’m getting an error about continues force load. I submitted the ticket on the 2024-02-23 (11 days ago) absolutely no answer.