Where is the Flow Dynamics Calibration k value saved/shown?

So, I start a print, hit the Flow Dynamics Calibration checkbox and print. During the inicial stages of the print it does the automatic calibration.

After the print finishes, I go back to the divice and the k value is still zero.

is this doing anything? if I don’t check it next time, will it use “0.000” or some saved value that is not displayed?

what if I manually override it with a new filament profile under pressure advance? what takes priority?

The 0.000 value you see is the default value. You can run a manual pressure advance test and save the result here. If you do the automated PA test on ever print, it will use the results it calculated for that print. It will not save that value for any future prints. Doing the manual test once can save you a bit time on each print.
Keep in mind that the K value might change over time, especially for PETG as it sucks up moisture.


Thanks @iChris, I was curious about if it would save the k value from the automated PA test - nice to know it doesn’t (but it should! ahah doesn’t it do that in the X1?)

On the X1, you can make an automated test run on one or multiple filaments and save the results in a profile. These profiles are available for selection on the new X1 firmware released today. I wouldn’t say that it should always save this value to the filament slot, as the readings can vary even on the same spool with the same conditions. However, I think, these profiles that are available on the X1 will soon be available on the A1.

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