Where There Is a Will, There’s a Way – Automated Bed Plate Replacement

Happened across this video and thought I would share.

User - HO KIMs on Youtube has repurposed an Ender 3(s) into an automated bed replacement device for an X1C. Fascinating to watch.


I love this!!! And here I am trying to model something to hold my pen haha

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I think he killed his warranty :roll_eyes: :rofl:

In all seriousness, that is incredible. I’m curious how he’s reading the Bambu LCD screen for actions or triggers?

That is insane! Love it! I don’t have enough hours in the day to do something like this, but wow, just wow!

Most likely getting the data via MQTT

Found any docs on this one? I started looking into their source for MQTT connection info as well as getting to the camera on my printers so I can build a multiple camera view of my printers (as well as showing them on an appletv)

Not seen anything but you can get all the traffic using something like MQTT Explorer. The X1C is very chatty…

I use a flow in Node Red which is available to download on their site. It is designed to pull the data and then feed it into Home-assistant. You could take a look at that as it will show the majority of data.

Found this in another thread: GitHub - Doridian/OpenBambuAPI: Bambu API docs

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This is one amazing piece of [over] engineering. It’s just incredible. Ingenious. It was genuinely fun to watch it operate. Well done.

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This is incredible! Well done! Really looking forward to seeing how 3d printing will evolve in the next decade.