Where to find more detailed P1P CAD?

Hey there! I’ll ping @Ciprian and @SirWill since I feel like you two would know well how to answer this.

I’ve been working on a few things that could significantly benefit from P1P CAD models beyond just the metal frame (for example, the heatbed, z-axis linear rails, plastic covering for the electronics in the back, and so on): automatic print remover/sweeper, chamber temperature regulators, modified bentobox, are some of them. Would it be possible to get access to a P1P CAD with some of these details?
I can’t imagine how we could use this in an adversial way, since any motivated competitor would surely already have their own reverse-engineered CAD, and furthermore, we have already agreed to not share information in this forum further, but if there are things we can do if the concern is CAD being sensitive, I would probably be happy to do it for the sake of working with a better model.

Thank you so much!

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While we can understand your desire and reasons for wanting the detailed CAD, we will not be sharing the CAD files with the public. At this time we still wish to keep them private.

How unfortunate… This really slows down the development of pretty much anything on the hardware side.