Which plate(s) does the X1C come with?

I just ordered mine and also ordered the gold tetured PEI plate with it. The whats in the box just states a build plate but I have seen conflicting reports of users getting different plates with the product. I just thought that if it came with it from the beginning, then I could have spent the money on a different nozzle or something.

Also there are 2 plates for sale , whats the difference between the black one and the gold one? TIA for your answers. Its supposed to arrive Wednesday, can’t wait.

I just purchased my first X1C over the weekend and it comes with a single physical plate that has two sides, the Cool Plate side (PLA) and the Engineering Plate (PETG/ABS/TPU/PA/PC).

You can also order two other plates separately; Textured PEI, which has the textured PEI surface on both sides or the High Temperature Plate which is similar to the Cool Plate and has a High Temp side and the Engineering Plate on the other side.

I went ahead and ordered the Textured PEI and the High Temp plates after using the Cool Plate over the weekend. Not a huge fan of the Cool Plate, as it requires the use of glue in order to release properly and I had to set my bed temperature up to 55 in order for PLA to adhere.