Who has the Sunlu S4 Dryer? Load/Unloading an issue?

Hey Makers!

Protospyre’s seeking some additional feedback on our latest model that helps with filament dryer loading/unloading specifically the ‘Sunlu S4 Filadryer’

I know it helps out in a shop environment with 4 of these it becomes some what an issue on a shelf and how the lid opens and having the PTFE tube inserted…

Our [MagLink] design incorporates [4] magnets inside that are inserted during the printing which act as a linkage system between PTFE tubing, which makes for a simple method of load/unloading plus not bending your tubes ever. I just wanted to see how many are using dryers and what else is a concern/issue for you!

I’ll be uploading the next component of the [MagLink] system which is a plug n’ play design that will insert into any 4mm I.D Pneumatic Fitting and directly connect MagLink’s to each other which allows the users to pop in a spool - feed through the the fitting ez - feed into [MagLink - Quad] - feed into toolhead! (or AMS!)

Just excited to share this solution with others as I know it’s been a hassle for me it’s had to be someone else’s problem too! So this isn’t an advertisement but simple short description and background to my model!

Let me know!