Why A1 Series can not be devliered to New Zealand?

Hi guys, my friend from New Zealand wants to buy an A1 Mini Combo but he found there is no option to deliver to New Zealand on the Bambu Global website (X1 and P1 series have the option).
Does anyone know why or when it is possible to buy the A1 series in New Zealand?

Can be purchased from Mindkits New Zealand, based in Auckland.

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Thank you, but can I use the gift cards redeemed by points on that website?

the a1 is having problems currently, no one can buy one until they get stock of the updated version, the current one has a heated error, me being an owner of one and very impatient person in terms of waiting for parts delivery, I know about this stuff.

Sometimes product availability may vary from country to country due to various reasons such as shipping restrictions, local import regulations or contractual obligations with suppliers. It is possible that the manufacturer or distributors are working to expand the availability of their products in New Zealand, but the exact timing may not be known.

the a1 should be availible everywhere once bambu gets all the a1 units in their stock updated, it just costs more to ship to isolated areas such as islands and such.