Why can't I rate anything?

just a share of informaation, i just discovered chinese user can’t really rate any print profile.
In short, as a chinese user, the Makerworld account and the bambu studio account are not connected even when using the exact login info. The chinese version of the bambu handy and bambu studio only allowed in chinese phone log in or apple account login, and the maker wolrd login only works with email or apple account. But when login through the same apple account, maker world and bambustudio somehow entered different account.
Obviously with different account my Maker world accout only shows download not successful print.
I been wondering if that is the reason there are a lot people doesn;t leave rating as they are also chinese user.

Ok, but I’ve printed direct from a profile in cloud mode and still can’t figure out how to rate the print profile. That’s the core of this conversation, maybe you could give some advice as to why that doesn’t work…

Could you find the print history of this record?
You may check it on both Bambu Handy (“Me” page) or MakerWorld’s personal page.