Why can't I rate anything?

I’ve downloaded and printed at least 10-15 things from MakerWorld.

The first few things I downloaded as STLs and sliced myself. When I went to rate/review them though, I couldn’t find any way to do that. I was only able to provide a comment, not a rating.

I then looked at the rating tab on my profile (both in the Bambu Handy app, online), and it listed one thing (a riser which I’d downloaded the profile of to look at some things).

Since then, things I’ve printed from MakerWorld I’ve downloaded the profiles, or sent the profile directly to Bambu Studio from MakerWorld, presuming this would allow me to rate them.

But still the only one showing up in the rating tab on my profile is for the riser, and if I go onto the model page, there is now way to rate the mode or profile, only post a comment.

What am I missing?


I think they turned it off. I haven’t been able to rate anything in about a week.

I’m glad you cannot rate anything if you download the models and set the slicer settings yourself. That makes a lot of sense as the ratings are applied to the profile and not the model.

Many models require fine-tuning slicer settings, mainly to work around slicer bugs. Some users complain when the prints that they do not use the designer’s settings fail or are sub-standard.

I have the same problem with users with little or no 3D printing experience thinking that using a model with a print profile means that everything will come out ideally, regardless of materials, calibration, speed and levelling.

Ratings seem to be working for me, and I have received quite a few in the last few days.

Could you help check whether you enabled incognito printing on Bambu Handy or Bambu Studio?

If you enabled incognito printing and selected the second option, no print history will be generated.
As the rating feature depends on the print history, so you cannot do the rating.

Definitely not the issue for me. I’ve had my X1C for 2+ weeks and not only has this been an issue the entire time for me, but I’ve received ratings from other people on my own designs/profiles in that time, so it’s obviously working for other people.

I get that a review on a profile shouldn’t work if you change the settings.

However, like I said, I’ve downloaded and printed straight from a number of properties and rating still isn’t an option.

I definitely get the frustration of people with little or now frustration thinking a model is bad because they didn’t slice it correctly (I’ve been sharing popular designs for almost a decade so had a few of these), but equally I think you should be able to rate the model itself.

I think you should be able to rate/review the design itself, and if you do print straight from an uploaded profile, apply to a rating of that too.

But the model, the design, that is the thing I care about. That is the thing that took the skill to produce.

Yes good slicin is important, but there are so many variables that affect it, down to even different manufacturers of the same filament type printing better with different temperatures or speeds.

Anyway, I am not able to rate anything I’ve printed regardless of whether I’ve printed directly from a profile on here, or sliced it myself, but I have received several ratings on profiles of my own designs in that time.

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I don’t have incognito printing turned on, however if I do look at my print history, only about 1/4 of the things I’ve printer are listed there. That includes some things I’ve designed and sliced myself (and had no interaction with MakerWorld at all), but doesn’t include most of what I’ve printed including some things which I’ve sent straight to Bambu Studio from MakerWorld.

If you printed with Bambu Studio, please check whether your printer is in LAN mode. Print jobs sending via LAN mode will also not be recorded by Bambu Cloud.

BTW, for STL printing, it is also not able to rate it. Rating feature is for print profile (3mf).

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Nope, not gone in LAN mode since I received the printer as I use the live view and remote monitoring facilities in the Handy app constantly.

I find it preposterous that you can’t rate a model itself. You are downloading and using the design that someone may have spent day, or weeks (or longer) making, regardless of whether you download the profile or just an STL.

It’s absolutely crazy you aren’t able to rate the model itself.

That’s like running a car TV show, but for each car you review, you only rate it based on the road you drove it on, not on the car itself. They’d rate a 1980’s old scrap heap banger with 5 stars driving it down a modern road, but a 2023 powerful and very capable car with new features as 1 star because they drove it down an unmaintained gravel track.

Exact same thing. The model is the thing we want and what we’re after, the profile is just the road that gets us there.

I think it’s good that profiles can be rated but it’s criminal that the model itself can’t be rated!


people really dont get that i have no end of reviews that say something along the lines of “I printed at 20% and it didn’t work” or “i changed X setting and now its not right”.

I totally get that, but equally, whilst I think profile reviews are valid, I thing reviews of the designs are important and should exist as well.

I’ve I’ve spent days designing something, running test prints, improving the design, testing it again, and ultimately perfecting it, I don’t want the only reviews on my design to be based on people’s opinion of a slicer profile, it should be people’s opinion of the design itself.

I feel my analogy I posted in my comment above about a car review (with the design itself being the car, and the profile/slicer settings being the road) a fitting description of it all.


theres no privacy settings in my studio

I agree that rating the model itself is meaningful, but at the same time, I am concerned whether the reviewers can distinguish between the two and accurately assess their differences.

Are all of your printing jobs sent through Bambu Studio or Bambu Handy?

Because print jobs that were initiated directly from the printer, such as printing from an SD card or initiating a reprint directly on the printer, these cases would not be recorded by Bambu Cloud as print history.

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To be fair, my go to is to ‘send’ the files to the printer so they are saved to the microSD card. From there I’ll start the print any way (whether it be via the printer screen, Bambu Studio, or the Handy app), but I’m guessing that doesn’t count.

To be fair, if Bambu Labs is going to be so picky that they won’t let me rate and review other peoples work because of the way I choose to use my system, I guess I just won’t be reviewing things on MakerWorld. Suppose Printables will remain supreme.

Totally agree, this has been my argument the whole time. Profiles mean nothing if you don’t use the exact same printer, filament type and brand. The models’ design, including the effort gone into designing something that prints easily with a stock or generic profile, carries much more weight than something that’s been designed to only work with a custom profile IMO.


The major value of a print profile is it could help you save a lot of time when tunning the settings of a model.

This print profile is an example.

Without an existing print profile, users have to spend hours to

  • Color painting (on Bambu Studio) the model objects
  • Set the best orientation of each object
  • Optimize the support, brim for objects
  • Improve strength for specific objects
    Then, print with the tuned print profile. For this kind of big project, a user may even encounter some printing failures and then iterate their print profile.

Most of the time, you may even reuse the arrangement of the print profile, for example, change from P1S to X1C.
What users need to do is switching the print type, print plate, and filament preset according to his actual situation. It is ususally not a complicated work.

I think what you want to rate may be the model itself, rather than the print profiles.
We consider adding a model rating feature. Users may rate a model after they download or print it.


@Tanklet And out of all those plates, if one part fails, I would have to redo the entire plate, or manually delete all the other non-failed parts manually anyway. How would I know if it’s the fault of the profile, or due to my filament, bed adhesion or any other issue? For an experienced user this wouldn’t be hard to diagnose but for a new user, or one which just wants to select it and press print, this is difficult. Would it then be right to give the profile a 1 star because it failed, even though the completed model is a really good design?

I believe there are a few discussion points here:

1. The functionality of Print Profiles
I think Print Profiles can save users from the hassle of major tuning work for a particular model, even when they switch printers or materials. This has been mentioned in the previous responses.

2. Are Print Profiles useful for novice users, and what they can do when encountering issues

  • Before printing, users can check the ratings from others on the Print Profile. If there are images and positive reviews from other users, it indicates that the Print Profile is likely to be reliable.
  • If users encounter problems during printing, they can try to send private message to the profile uploader for help.
  • Compared to STL files, Print Profile provides a better starting point even if novice users what to set their own print settings.

3. How to help users do “correct” ratings of Print Profiles
We have discussed this issue with the community users in another topic and have made optimizations in the latest update.

  • When users give negative ratings, we request them to provide reasons and give several potential reasons.
  • Users are allowed to delete their ratings if, after communicating with the profile uploader, they realize that the print failure was not due to the Print Profile. Or they just cannot give a high ratings because the printing failed at the end of gcode (model already printed out).