Why did I just see my post get edited?

Why did I just see my post get edited in real time?

Made the post, submitted it, and then watched as it flashed, changed, and said edited.

What is going on?!? Why would this happen? Is a mod bored?

Relax, look at the edit history. (The orange pencil). “Automatically removed quote of whole previous post.” It’s a forum automatic edit.


Wow!!! I’m an idiot!!! Thank you!!!

You don’t have to quote a whole post, just hit the “Reply” to that post. If it’s not the last post it will link to that post in the drop down above your message.


That makes sense. It’s just that I haven’t been on forums in like 15 years (yes I’m super old), and that’s the kind of things we did. At least on the ones that I was on. I’ll try to not do that anymore. Thanks for the info!