WHY is Refill so expensive?


why is the Refill so expensive?

A Filament WITH reusable Spool costs 29,99 €
A Refill WITHOUT a reusable Spool costs 27,99 €
A reusable Spool costst 13.99 €

WHAT is the reason, that i pay so much for a produkt, containing less?
REFILL should not only reduce waste. It should also reduce costs!

Can anyone at Bambu Labs explain that reasonable?!?!?


The spool is included with the filament at probably cost price / very low cost, the pricing of filament without a spool is pretty much in line with most premium filaments else where.

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Print the reusable spool your self it will cost you well bellow 6 € and is a good exercise

Also there are other spools in printable and thing verse
I personally always buy with the spool
But recently had to rewind some non standard sizes spools
and recommend this project , first printed another version was not great and then this one it is cool Bambu Lab P1 / X1 / X1C / X1CC Filament Spool Switcher & Winder if you use AMS by MiklosKiszely - Thingiverse

You did not understand If i use Refill it IS simply to expensiv. A refill has to be much cheaper.


This is typical, unfortunately the reality is that the process of manufacturing the filament itself often costs significantly than the spool itself, so there isn’t really that much in savings. It just seems wasteful so some people prefer to use refillable ones. The high volume cost of the spool is probably only $0.50-$1.00. You’ll see this is the case with many manufacturers, and part of the reason why refillable spools never seem to catch on in 3D printing.

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i did understand. As @Ashley said spool with filamnet , the spool is at cost. And the cost of the plastic spool in mass production is next to nothing, so you pay mainly filament when they sell the spool they make profit at high margin. in saying that the filament has quite a margin 27 € is quite high any way but they have to make money , but i pay on average 20 € with spool but not from Bambu , for some materials i pay 50 € while from bambu cost me 100 €, not sure if the quality the same but good enough for me

So Spools have to be taxed highly to reduce waste? That is really a poor excuse… .

No one is forcing your to buy Bambu Lab filament. If you don’t like the price then buy something else. Complaining about it isn’t going to change anything.


It is not about Bambu. It is about every Spools made of Plastic. If the Spool is to cheap, it has to be made expensive. That only leaves you with a tax for that. The Refill has to be much cheaper, cause it wastes less useless plastic. Other posibility is a deposit on the plastic spool and the deliverer has to take it back. That is a general Problem.


Cardboard spools don’t work well in the AMS without adapters or other crutches. That means Bambu can’t sell filament in cardboard spools.

The reason empty spools are not $1 for you to buy is that packaging, shipping, handling also cost, especially the free shipping over $xx: the money for that has to come from all products to some degree.

If you want to reduce plastic waste you can order the refills, I think that’s great. You just can’t expect to get a massive price cut, it unfortunately doesn’t work out from my experience. If you’re saying that plastic spools should have a “plastic waste tax” applied then I’d argue that that’s a political opinion and I’d only add that such as tax should be applied to the filament as well.

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I agree, I bought a few refills at the beginning but now I only buy rolls with spools because its worth the extra couple bucks to me. One spool wasnt clicked in all the way?.. Just lost enough money to cover the cost of 15 rolls that come with the actual plastic spool vs not.

Shipping on a single empty spool would be how much? unless you buy 5 of them.

All good explanations as to why there isn’t a huge cost difference. If I want to save money, I get specific colors of the Voxelabs PLA Pro as they run $16.99 for black and other colors sometimes go on sale for just as cheap. VoxelPLA is also less than $20, but has limited colors right now. They keep selling out.

When building a color “library”, buying 4 BL rolls makes it more reasonable. Both with and w/o the spool.

On the flip side, I see no quality difference between the Voxelabs PLA Pro and Bambu’s PLA basic. But haven’t done any strength tests. eSun does a good job, but on the last 2 spools the winding on the spool kept jamming, so they are off my list. Need to improve their QC. VoxelPLA gets rave reviews. If they can ever get their stock of colors back up, will give them a try.

Will give BL credit, they are doing a good job of keeping their PLA colors in stock.

shipping costs more than anything else these days. It makes perfect sense. You are paying to move 1kg around the globe.

I found the same thing with the pricing. I printed out spools that work with inland, Overture and a few others and their interchangeable. They print just fine on the Bambu Carbon X1.

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Kinda there own fault for not selling on amazon like everybody else.

The Bambu Refill-Problem did not change. Most colors can not be ordered for Refill. It is about time that this Changes.

Tonnes of spools are Out there.
Waiting to get a Refill.
Bambu make more refill-colors.


It is possible that these coils are simply taken to a landfill site. I recently called our waste disposal company because these coils could certainly be recycled very well. The answer is that it belongs in the residual waste if it is not packaging material. I’m here in Germany. This means that the paper box is packaging, but it belongs in the paper garbage can anyway. The spool core, which should be made of a single material, not a mix of materials, is not packaging and therefore does not belong in the yellow garbage can. So not even the chance to recycle it, even if the disposal companies wanted to and could. The film around the spool could still be regarded as packaging, which would then go into the yellow garbage can, where it certainly cannot be recycled; either a mix of materials or machine-unidentifiable plastic.

The most sensible thing would probably be that spool cores are only supplied to the customer on order and filament is only ever available on cardboard cores.

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