Why is the ironing so ugly

I’ve tried increasing the overall flow, increasing the ironing flow, increasing the wall overlap ratio (this doesn’t affect ironing anyway). Cura never had this problem and always ironed right to the edge beautifully. And because Bambu Studio and Orca both rip off from the same place both softwares give me the same ugly edges. It’s not my filament. I’ve tried it with Bambu’s PLA and like 3 other brands. It’s the way the gcode is written.

Any suggestions?

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It’s tough to be sure about the model’s issues with just one sample, especially one as complex as the one you’re working with. Have you checked if you’re getting the same issues with other models?

One thing you could try is to smooth the STL file or convert it to a STEP file for a cleaner import. I also noticed that some parts of your model look good, but there are some funky spots that are puzzling.

Also, keep in mind that the Bambu MCU has higher precision than some of the older machines, which could be highlighting the differences in how 16-bit and 32-bit systems handle rounding. You’re not really comparing apples to apples. Smoothing the model or adjusting the mesh might help with that.

It’s not this particular model. I printed this same file with my “crappy” little Kingroon, but sliced in cura and it came out beautifully flat on top. It’s the software. I never had this issue with Cura. Heck I never had this issue with Prusa slicer, which I used for a while. I’ve been selling these for 3 years with my good ole bedslingers sliced with Cura. It’s the damn software.

I keep getting these kinds of artifacts on the ironing layer. And if you surf this forum and the BL reddit long enough, you’ll see this zigzagging is literally on everyone’s ironed prints on parts where it’s a narrow area. I’m surprised you guys never noticed. It’s ugly and people are like “look at my perfect ironing layer”…with zigzaggy edges… :joy:

Anyway I just wanted to say I managed to reduce the zigzag by rotating the model on the build plate (took me 3 tries), so I suspect it has to do with seam alignment or the literal fan. Idk.

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The zig zaggy issue is caused by the lack of functionality with ironing in Bambu Studio to specify an offset of the ironing from the wall edge. Cura has it but bambu studio doesn’t. I’ve already raised a feature request. It hasn’t recieved any replies though.

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I was never able to make it work too , every filaments i had give me sub-par ironing vs cura ironing .

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I have same problem, but looks good when I print one part, and when I want to print more same parts in same time, first part looks good but other parts start to fail.

If you want to use the ironing option, you can only do it with a single object. When you duplicate objects, ironing doesn’t work well. I’ve tried everything, and it seems to be an issue with the slicer, as it doesn’t happen with Cura