Wierd artifacts

I’m trying to print a lamp but there are some weird artifacts ruining the aesthetics.

This is the overall design. Its a cylinder with some ripples:

In normal mode, 1 wall, 1mm line width, there are some ripples after the seam, that cause diagonal lines. You can see this on that test print:

In vase mode, 1mm line width there are some ugly diagonal lines as well. They appear always at the same spot, but the amount differs slightly from print to print as you can see on the picture:

I’ve tried following things already:

  • full calibration of the machine
  • changing the feet to the soft anti vibration feet
  • readjusting the belt tension as described on the bambu wiki
  • cleaning the rods
  • full calibration of the filament

What am I missing???

Thank you

i’ve the same problem on p1p. Tried everything but nothing…

I might have found the issue, but I don’t know what might have caused it, since I changed so many things.

First, in Orca slicer, there is a new feature for vase mode called smooth spiral. I turned it on and some lines disappeared.

Since I used a PolyLite PLA I tried another PLA filament from Bambu and it printed flawlessly. So I have to assume that the issue is caused by the filament. On my Polylite spool i had a printed brim with a rippled border to protect my AMS. I removed the brim, in case that this might cause problems at transporting the filament to the extruder.

Then I adapted the Max volumentric speed from 15 to 22 mm3/s, since this is the setting the bambu PLA came with.

And in addition to that I made a pressure advance calibration, just in case i failed in the first place.

In the first test prints, it printed flawlessly. Now I’m going to print a full scale print of my lamp and post the results here as soon as its done.

i’m usign original bambu lab filaments. I tried all the calibrations on orca slicer but nothing change for me :(.

this is a print that i made yesterday

and this is another one that i made some month ago. same printer, same bambu matte filament (dried!).

be sure to run always a calibration for new filaments, starting with looking at the parameters & density. than PA to end with flow

nothing changes for me

Have you cleaned the rods and readjusted the belt tension? At what speeds are you printing?

Yes, I have cleaned the rods and adjusted the tension of the belts. I am printing at normal speed with bamboo filament defaults. i saw in a youtube video that this problem could be due to a misaligned xy-axis… i will check

I wonder if I have also a misaligned xy axis. Is there a tutorial how to align them?

Yesterday I was confident to get rid of my lines. It might have happened because of a poorly calibrated flow rate. But after more tests I’m really doubting this now. In the end I always had these wierd lines again and again:

In the end I stopped using Polylite PLA and switched to Polyterra PLA. Now I have another problem at the edges of my twisted lamp. It looks a bit like bad overhangs, since it happens at spots where its overhanging a little, but the overhang is so tiny, that I cant even select the speeds for overhangs. I will have to slow down the speed for the whole print, I guess.

Any ideas why this might happen?

I found this video… looks like it might solve this damn problem, I’ll try it out