WiFi security protocols (WPA2-Ent 802.1X) needed


We are using several P1S printers at out university however they do not have the ability to connect to our WiFi network. I’m sure there are many others who are also using the printers in a corporate or educational environment with the same issue.
Without connectivity many of the printers features are unused or limited.
Please add this to a future firmware release.


They released the X1E for Enterprise environments.

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Hopefully they will add this to their other printers as buying new printers is not a great solution

Sorry I may not have the solution to your problem, but I may have the same problem

I want to buy the P1P, but I was told by the supplier that the WIFI connection will be absent or disabled by the manufacturer, but I’ve already been printing through WIFI using my brother’s P1P in Turkey with no problem at all… my brother bought his P1P from Turkey a few months ago … and the WIFI is working great … I can’t imagine not having it.

So Is it really true that Bambu lab is disabling WIFI connection for P1P exported to some countries ??

I hope someone could help with this issue

Thanks a lot


This would be a huge improvement in my enviroment too.