Will Multi-AMS Lite be possible?

Good morning. I know that I could purchase a P1, or X1 but I’m wondering if there is a plan at some point to support Multiple AMS Lite devices on a single A1 or A1-mini. They each have multiple connection points (2 on A1 mini, and 3 on A1) and before I purchase my next printer, I’m wondering if, at some point, there will be a firmware release that will make multiple AMS possible on the A1 line of printers.

I have seen lots of speculation on YouTube, but I’ve not seen anything official from Bambu Labs.

Thank you.

Unlikely I think that they will add the ability for more AMS lites to be joined together - as having 8 or more ptfe’s going to the to of the print head would start to cause issues I think.

More technically practical would be adding normal x1/p1 AMS’s into or instead of one or more of the AMS lite 's 4 channels if BL wanted to upgrade the firmware to allow it.

I also believe it would be feasible to add. Palette2 or 3 into one or more of the AMS lite’s channels - using an upgrade or wrapper around the p2pp Prusa slicer post processor,

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They just need to create a hub but im not sure how much aux power the mini can supply.

They could create a hub that has an external power supply like a usb-c phone charger type deal. This would provide 20-60 watts, which is more than enough to run the motors in the ams lite

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You have to remember unlike the ams (has a single tube going to the head) the a1 series has a tube for each filament for a total of 4. So a second ams lite would then mean 8. And a third would mean 12 tubes. So on and so forth.

It has alot more to do than just firmware.

So thats not happening. Also bambu markets the ams that way on purpose. There is a reason the bigger printers can have multiple ams where the a1 can’t.

Reason it is called the ams lite.

There is more that just that. There are already 4 tubes going to the head. So another would add 4 more.

There is a reason they made that ams the way they did for the price they did and call it the ams lite.