Wireless Charger Hardware Kit

Spoiler alert!

We made an even smaller version of the A1 mini printer!

Introducing the A1 mini Wireless Charger featuring the Wireless Charger Kit - K012, the latest Creative Hardware Kit that you can buy in Bambu Store.

We also prepare an Easter egg for this kit!

Get on the link to discover what’s hidden behind that shade!


:+1: funny idea.

It will be interesting to see what else the community creates from the charging kit.

This is really the coolest kit yet! Air Force Command Center version is so awesome too.

If the mini can do it, it’d be disappointing if the X1C can’t do it. So I tried this on my X1C and the phone didn’t charge. Do I have to put the phone in the printer and also run a print job? Or was the X1C designed without this kind of industry leading, flagship capability? If that’s the case, I have to wonder how BBL can refer to the X1C as their most advanced printer. :slight_smile:

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Too expensive.

Also, one of the recommended filaments for this model is out of stock.

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You have to use “Ludicrous” mode to get it to work.

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You have to buy the X1E to get it if you want it in an X1.

I figured it out. You don’t have to run a print, just have to crank the build plate temp way up. :slight_smile:

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I should have been more clear… “Ludicrous” mode gets you faster charging.

Hi all

It’s cute, easy print and assembly.
but have some troubles with the magsafe i think. Sometimes the it restarts and stays in al loop, the z going up and down every 10 seconds.
normally the led have to stay on, bur restarts again.

It is set on mode 2

1 one the 10 it works normally, removing magsafe cover it works better

Somebody got this issue?