Wood PLA is "Very Unhealthy"

I have my X1C sitting in my home office. Also, I have a Air Quality monitor in there. Normally the AQI (Air Quality Index*) sits around 1 or 2, even when printing.

However, I just printed some parts with wood-infused PLA. The AQI jumped to an ungodly 230. Ho-lee-■■■■. Opened the window, ran an air-circulating fan, plus the air-filtering fan I have, then got out of the office while that was going on. Let that be a warning to you all; that nice-smelling wood smell, while subtle, is quite unhealthy.

* For the non-US folk, AQI is in the range of 0, meaning really good, to 500. 301+ is considered “Hazardous”.

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I do not know what kind of equipment you have to measure, but most cheap consumer stuff just measures particle density for PM10 or PM2.5 and CO. Heating wood to 220+ °C will emit those fumes, and more so as the wood particles are nothing more then sawdust size.
Those levels aren’t good, but they usually are not a big concern unless you are spending half your lifetime in such an environment. Light a few candles and you will also see AQI go through the roof.
But clearly it doesn’t hurt to keep a window open and not sit right next to the printer for many hours, but its still far away from a toxic level.

It measures PM1.0, 2.5 and 10, with a separate readout for each, plus an overall AQI according to some forumula that isn’t simply “highest” or “average” as far as I can tell. LMK if you want me to hunt down the purchasing link.

Would be great!

Thanks in advance.

It’s this one .

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Oh lol. Seems not to be available in my country and the shop being pissed about it.
Translation is roughly “For political reasons, this product does not exist.” :tada:

Okay, try this link. Amazon should be a less snooty about it.

I used this here: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B09NDVN6YR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
when I print matrials like ABS etc. it works perfect…

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I find Bambu Labs ABS products very offensive for me. So!
I bought this for my printing room.

I had this installed for my house HVAC system.

My printing room is also part of my houses HVAC system.
Works great for me.


Sure, it measures presence of different sized particles, but not whether the content of those particles is toxic or not.