Workflow for keeping part names upon import from other 3d programs?

I’m new here and export models from 3ds Max or Rhino 3d as STL or OBJ. STLs don’t retain the separate parts as far as I can tell. OBJs do, but on import, the names are changed so in 100parts, I don’t know which is which. It’s just 001-100.

Is there an accepted workflow that allows for “names” export and then “names” import that keeps the names?

Do you have an option to export as a Step file? For me that keeps the naming intact.


Hi Jon, thanks for that. In 3ds Max I don’t. It’s a polymodeler and not a surface modeler like CAD is. 95% of my models come from Max. But in Rhino 3D and my CAD software I can model and export STEP files. I’ll keep this info in mind when I model and I’ have a lot of parts.

Edit: In case this helps someone else as well. I just did a test and STEP does in fact retain the names and it does it well. Thanks again Jon.