Would you buy it again?

I am a new potential customer, thinking about the combi P1S + AMS simply because I hardly ever used 2 colors in one print. My current printer is supposed to be able to run multiple colors, but, after parking, it rapidly takes off for the rest of the print, so you have to sit next to the machine, AND be very fast.
The AMS would resolve that.

BUT, for all the users here, who have an AMS combi, I would like to ask: would you spend the additional money for the AMS again, even if you are satisfied with the performance?
Or in other words: is it worth your money to be able to print multiple colors, just because you really rarely use this facility (which may be achieved in another way, perhaps)?
At this moment the add-on outlay for the AMS is €240 incl. the current discount.

I need your input to help make up my mind… :innocent:

Yes, the AMS is great, even if you don’t multicolor print just to have 4 filaments “on deck” ready to use. The additional runout features you get are invaluable as well. You don’t have to worry about half spools ruining your print.

Absolutely. Initially I was kind of “whatever” about it. But once I got it and started using it, just like @moonrakerone said, having the filaments available to you and is a big quality of life improvement.

In fact, I was hoping BL would have an AMS deal on Black Friday. A 2nd one would be nice.

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i also own a P1S with AMS. I definitely would buy the AMS again.

I am one that didn’t buy the printer with AMS but bought it later.

Would i buy the printer again? Yes but with AMS right away.

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Got the X1C with AMS. My only regret is not having bought a second AMS and AMS Hub (yet). :grinning:


Yes, the AMS is worth the money. I’m going to buy a second one.
Already got the AMS Hub.

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:100: would buy again, and am currently teetering on the fence to buy another! You’ll likely find after having one AMS, you’ll quickly find new prints needing a second one too! :wink:

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Bought 1 AMS thinking how cool it would be, then quickly realized unless you’re printing a sign… most cool multicolored prints are more than 4 colors. Guess I have to spend another $350…

So in the meantime I’m printing simple dual or triple colored items. Just didn’t think when I bought the AMS I’d already be complaining that I’d want more colors. :joy:

Nine (9) responses so far, and all very positive: I must buy one.
I guess I 'll do!.. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for all inputs

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Simple Awnser: Yes! :grin:

As a recent convert to using alternate material for support top layers, I’d say even printing one colour the AMS has great value.

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Yes without a doubt!

I bought a P1S but not the AMS. I don’t do multicolour printing as the vast majority of my prints are functional rather than decorative.
BUT I will be getting an AMS fairly soon as I can have a few materials ‘ready to go’.

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100% would buy again

I make a few things for ebay - I offer them in different colours
My old creality printer, even though it’s very much 1st world problems, every time I got an order if it was in a different colour I had to go off into the spare room and unload/load a different colour. Which also meant I had dry boxes sat around everywhere with all the other colours in.

Now I just choose a colour and hit print from my office, and away it goes. Also have 4 rolls in there always dry (I printed the extra dessicant boxes for the AMS)

It’s definitely worth it to have 4 rolls in handy dry storage ready to use at a button click.

I don’t do much multi-colour as the waste is insane but it has opened up options for doing signs/keyrings etc…

@Naalroc - Make sure you have plenty of space (…for filament rolls!); the X1C + AMS will multiply the number of colors and types of filaments you keep around by at least five, possibly ten. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am waxing funny here, but I am not BS’ing you: the AMS (and almost certainly the A1) somehow change in your mind what it means to 3d print.

You will probably first start getting into using every type of support you can think of (which IMHO is reason enough to buy the AMS)… because who hasn’t been frustrated by beautiful pieces that are impossible to print without complex supports?

Then you may develop a habit of testing same piece in multiple materials (even single color), and then… ah, then you will start looking at a model you want to print and stop to think about which color it will look better on (guess what, it’s usually not one you have in front of you).

That’s because the X1C+AMS is not really a minor incremental upgrade to the old slingers, but rather an enabler of a change in the way you think about 3d printing: more nuanced, more about what you WANT to do and not what CAN you do with the printer you have.

Mark my words… :grinning:

I was running prusa mk3 with mmu2s and after first try with AMS I won’t move back anytime. Prusa stated that mmu2s has reliability above 95 %. Not in my case. AMS 100 % working all the time without single issue.

+1 to buying the AMS again. I typically don’t do a lot of multi color prints as I’m impatient and the long times scare me. For instance I’m printing an Erick Killmonger now all black with suppprt filament at the connection points. It’s been running two days mainly stopping because it’s having trouble pulling back filament, or the filament when it comes loose from the main roll kit spins on the AMS roller, not retracting.

I think for my use case my daughter (9) uses my printer and it’s easier for her to plop filament in the AMS than it is to load and unload manually. I’ve actually been thinking about getting another one

mine hasn’t worked since i got it. hoping i can get it working, then maybe lol.

AMS is great even if you don’t do multicolor prints.

  1. it works as a drybox for materials that need it (but print silica gel containers for it and refill them regularly with dried silica gel)
  2. it makes swapping spools extremely simple. No heating the nozzle, waiting, cutting, retracting and then feeding a new spool… When my AMS was broken, it was miserable :slight_smile: you get to used to it very fast
  3. if you want something multicolor, you can. Even just changing color at layer height looks sophisticated :slight_smile:
  4. I considered the RFID function a gimmick, with the potential to lock us to BL filaments (hopefully not happening until they kill the rest of the market :-D), and it mostly is, but if you like BL filaments then it actually works pretty good. Still waiting for automatically using the proper pressure advance value for the filament, but I fully expect that to come in the future.