Wrong filament used in cut/paint

I have two AMS units and have been printing color lithophanes, so am familiar with assigning different color filaments in the objects section of bambu studio, however I’m stumped when it comes to paint/cut color changes.

I downloaded the 2 color project from here:

Which I assume was done with a “cut”, and assigned the “object” to print with the material in AMS A Slot 2. I also painted in the eyes, with “white”, which was in AMS A slot 1.

Slicer preview shows what appears be filament from slot 2, but when printing it used slot 4 instead.

Also the slicer lists 3 filaments, vs. 2, and I don’t see how to tell which filaments are which slots, other than by color.

Shouldn’t all this be as clear as it is when printing different objects or parts with different colors?

Why did I got slot 4 instead of slot 2?

This is today’s firmware update on the printer (X1C), and Bambu Studio