X-Axis Resonance Frequency Low + Other Issues

Hi. I’ve had my X1 printer about one month now and I’ve noticed a few issues that have recently appeared in parallel with the error code I receive. I’m not sure if these issues are related but I will list them just in case:

  1. The surface print quality is not smooth anymore. I have a P1S printer that runs the same print profile and get a smooth surface. The X1 seems to be under extruding and getting a rough finish.

  2. There’s significantly more rattling during printing. It seems to be coming from the toolhead itself.

  3. I’ve also noticed that the pulley on the back right side has the tension belt sit significantly lower.

  4. Keep getting error that x-axis is at lower resonance frequency or that the resonance frequency is significantly different from previous calibration.

I’ve tried the basic maintenance and troubleshooting. Untightening ./ tightening tension screws in the back and cleaning carbon rods. I’m kind of out of options. I’ve even reported to Bambu Customer Service, but no reply yet.

Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I’m also waiting on reply from Bambu Support. It’s been about 5 days now without any reply. Is this typical?

Bump. Still no reply from Bambu, not sure how to resolve this issue

Did you ever get a reply or get it figured out?

Hi, got the same problème here too… asked Bambu the 5 February and still no answer today… I have the issue on a p1s

I did get a reply. They ended up sending a carbon rod service kit. I’ve yet to do the install, since it’s a bit labor intensive. Just need to find the time.

I’ll report out results (before and after prints) after i finish.

How many day did you have to wait before getting an answer? I’m still waiting after 18 days :sob:

I have this same issue. I do the carbon rod cleaning and belt tensioning then calibrate. It lasts a day or two and then the error comes back. Any other things to try?

Hello, I try to clean the rode with cilicone base lub, it resolves the issue for about 2h… and then the message reappear

I just noticed that my belt on the right side was right at the top of the pulley. I just did the belt tensioning again and made sure I pushed it down a bit before tightening. also lubed the those spindles (but not the belt). Will see if that helps.

Edit- two prints in and so far no squeaks. Maybe that was it.

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No squeak and no error message ?

Still no squeaks or errors. It’s run for about 14 hours now.

I did the same thing and the message desapear after the calibration…just start a print wish me luck

Update: after an 8h print still no error message… it’s looking good

Hope it keeps working. I ended up getting the warning again but then reoiled using a needle oiler and it’s been good again since then.

Bambu just gave me a short reply after 22 days :expressionless: did you check the wiki…

The error message just came back :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hate to hear that, I was hoping you would be lucky!

Ey @alex.4141.b

Did you get better surface results after change the carbon rod service kit?

Yeah. Changing the rods fixed all my issues. The error went away as well. But it was a pain in the butt to do the replacement. Basically a half day event to take apart and put back together.

I also noticed that my old carbon rod was much more restrictive and did not alow the motor assembly on the rod to smoothly travel. I had to force it with my hand to budge. The new rod assembly was much better and allowed the housing to glide on its own.

Hard to say why my previous part went bad over time. Could be due to damage or wear ?

Did you get the perfect smooth on ironing surfaces?

I was having perfect ironing and smooth surfaces, and suddenly the printer showed me: “X-Axis Resonance Frequency Low”.

I did the basic maintenance with IPA on carbon rod and belt tensioning then calibrate. Calibration… and still showing me the error and still getting a rough surfaces on ironing.