X1 Carbon Ooze interference

If the printer starts a print, and localization marker is found, it levels and prints ok.

If printer does not find localization marker and pauses, when you hit resume, it heats enough to ooze a little filament and then proceeds to interfere with leveling because it does not wait for temperature to fall enough before wiping that slight amount of ooze.
Please add more of a delay to allow nozzle temperature to fall before wiping.

This started last firmware update.

Thanks very much!!! Still loving the printer, such a wonderful device and feat of engineering :slight_smile:

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I have noticed this as well sometimes.

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I have noticed this as well, but am not sure oozing is part of the problem (I am also not quite sure it isn’t). Basically, if QR code fails and you resume, nozzle ends up too high. But if QR code is disabled, everything works fine. Feel free to add to this issue: Failing to read QR code is unrecoverable: Bed ends up too low (nozzle too high) · Issue #3329 · bambulab/BambuStudio · GitHub

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On mine it’s the ooze. It oozes a little after wiping, then has some filament sticking out of the hotend, then the leveling starts, so it smashes this bit of filament between the nozzle and bed, thus then the 0 for Z is too high because of the sandwiched filament.

I will reproduce the problem and see if I can confirm it’s all about [nozzle temperature and] oozing. If so I’d need to amend that GitHub issue.

If nozzle temp is high enough, the filament should be punched away. So I guess it’s first too hot (so it oozes) and then too cold (so the oozed filament affects the levelling). I know I’ve seen this happen when I hit ‘Resume’ immediately so I can’t see how it would have cooled down that much.

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I grabbed a pic, just happened.
Is there a way to see the log of the gcode executed? Coming from a duet, and haven’t entirely jumped in with both feet on the IT side. Kinda enjoying the ‘hit a button to print’ lifestyle lol…

Forgot to switch plate so got an IRL test just now. I installed the correct plate and resumed. I did see a similar ooze as the picture above but the nozzle was 140°C so it (being PETG) was punched to abidance at first knock.

However, this time the ABL acted up weirdly: It normally probes all 36 spots exactly 3 times. This time it probed between 3 and I believe over 20 (!) times at each spot - as if it saw variations or couldn’t believe the result so kept on drumming until it got a consistent measure. So I soon cancelled the print job to look for debris under the plate but even though the job cancelled alright, the ABL continued until completion. It took quite some time. I think it did more probes on the right side. Anyway after it stopped I removed the plate but couldn’t see any debris or other problem. So I restarted the same job with the correct plate but this time I covered the QR causing it to fail, but resumed it immediately. This time there were no ooze but again it probed up to over 20 times on each spot. And then it produced a Perfect First Layer Failure™.

Cancelled the job, restarted without messing with the QR and it rendered a normal ABL and perfect full print.

I still think there was some debris under the plate, I just couldn’t find it. Never saw this ABL behavior before.

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It’s like it’s not the temp, but the extruder slightly pushing some out? At 140 PLA shouldn’t be oozing yet iirc.
I need to go through the gcode, I guess I’ll see if there’s any updates yet.

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I agree. Perhaps they mean to retract half a millimeter but forgot the negative sign? That is actually fairly plausible.

Still, I’m seeing problems even when there is no oozing.