X1C Homing Z-Axis Fail

Suddenly the X1C has stopped printing due to the Z-axis failing to find Home. Wednesday it was printing PLA just fine, and Thursday (02-29-2024) it has a major problem. When it tries to Home the Z-Axis, the build plate rises up to just below the printhead, then cycles up and down like 6 times, never actually touching, then stops with the fail message. Sometimes the message is “The build plate is not placed properly” sometimes “Homing Z-Axis Failed.” Also, when cleaning the nozzle, the heatbed makes a “clunking” noise as it raises and lowers. I have tried changing the complete Hotend assembly, changing build plates, changing Firmware (currently 01.07.02). With the power off, I can reach under the printer and manually raise the heatbed to touch the nozzle, so there is nothing obstructing its movement. Finally, there is no up-and-down play in any of the threaded rods. I have put in a trouble report to Bambu. Can anybody offer any suggestions to try? Thanks!!

Make sure your plate is not misaligned or sitting on top of one of the rear stops. I’ve done that many times before printing the yellow guides shown in the picture.


Thank you for your suggestion. After reading this post I found the problem. Filament had accumulated in the well of the right guide post and had pushed the linear bearing up above the top of the plastic holder. Homing Z axis failed. [0300 4000 093824] - #27 by Omthetortoise

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Thank you! Newbie here and that was my problem. Fixed thanks to you.

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can you post a picture of where the “well of the right side guide post” is. thanks