X1C just died

The only thing I get is the psu light on the back. So sad. Now I get to wait for a ticket response. Died halfway through a print. Ill probably check all wiring and plugs tonight.

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There is a fuse holder next to the socket for the power lead, check that first

@Yorkie9668 Did. I even swapped it with the one in my P1P to double check. Ive also checked all wires and plugs. My guess is the switch itself or the power supply

Ok, next thing is service ticket


Same thing just happened to me. A bad electrical burning smell started, and then the printer just stopped. The power switch light still lights up, but the rest of the printer will not power up. I’m guessing I blew a capacitor somewhere from the smell of it. I put in a service ticket as well. What was the fix for yours Streetsports?


It was a bad ap board. Took alot of troubleshooting to find it. First we tried a new power supply, ap cables and then finally the ap board itself. After swapping it, it needs to be activated by bambu. In your situation, I would just smell around and try to find it that way. main board, ap board and tool head boards. Also the power supply

mine just died also, it’s only a few days old. it asked if I wanted to stop the print and had a electrical smell. now it will turn on and the touch screen works, but it will not do anything. I put a ticket in, but I am at a loss. any ideal?

I’m having a similar issue with brand new X1C. Had it for a few days, completed a few prints. It suddenly shut off after completing a print and now the fuse by the power cord keeps blowing.

Not sure what happened or is causing the fuse to blow. Have taken it apart to troubleshoot but not able to figure out the root cause yet.

I created a support ticket a couple days ago with no response, hoping someone else has had a similar issue and was able to fix it

Quick update for my issue, in case anyone else is in the same boat.

Did a bit more digging around, turns out a capacitor blew on the PSU. Simple fix, now waiting on the new one to arrive from DigiKey ($25).

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