X1c rattle when printing near back of build plate

hi i have a bad rattle/ vibration noise when my printer prints near the back of the build plate I have tried belt tension replaced front cover tried different infill the only way to get away with this sound is to turn the printer into silent mode video

The arc fitting in the slicer can be kicking in on the rear part only you can turn it off and see what happens or adjust the settings.

Acr Moves

Also do the carbon rod cleaning and lube the Z rods it helps reduce noise.

yes, I have the same, The printer is brand new and it’s driving me nuts. I found that if you apply pressure to the side panels it reduces it considerably.

Have you found out what the problem is?

here is a link to mine https://youtu.be/3NplUW3AvU0

Hi buddy no fix so far I’m afraid still waiting for support to get back to me, I have found that if you turn the jerk moves down to 8 it does make it more easy to put up with, I started to think the gantry was colliding with something but there is no print issues or defects so I’m not sure to be honest

any luck with your printer? I have contacted support but they are taking ages to reply

I do have the same issue, just that it’s not just in the back.

I managed to make it bearable by cleaning the X axis rods with isopropanol and did a recalibration. It’s still there, but overall got quieter. Sometimes.

I hope it’ll sort itself out over time, but will write to support as well.

So far I was more impressed with the A1 and the AMS lite - apart from the cable drama that machine just worked, whereas with the X1C I had several issues to fix in week 1… Probably just a lemon, but still. :frowning:

Support told me to do the same but it didn’t do anything. I checked every screw hoping something was loose. It prints fine but I can’t live with it

After more investigation, I’m 100% sure it’s the y-sliders (idlers) on the x-axis assembly. If you can get your finger and apply pressure to the y slider the rattle goes away. According to the Bambu wiki the x-axis assembly should be replaced if there is an abnormal noise coming from y idlers (their words). I have a P1S that doesn’t rattle so I noticed it from day one. Very slow comms with support, I’m pushing for a replacement printer because it will only get worse over time.

Hi all sorry for the slow response theory 1 so I believe the problem could be from the stepper drivers causing the motors to resonate badly when they work on sync on certain moves,

I believe there using drivers that dji use in their drones but I’m no expert on drivers

I ran the same print diagonally on the bed to minimise both motors working together and the noise was gone

If you think the steppers are the cause, you might want to try to calibrate the printer again. with firmware or higher.

Key enhancements in V.1.7 are:

** Active Motor Noise Cancellation tailored for the X1 series.*

Probably not related, but hearing you talk about motors…
You guys didn’t happen to have this error pop up, did you?
" The resistance of Motor-A is abnormal, the motor may have failed."

That’s what mine greeted me out of the box.

Oh, yeah. Cleaning the rods didn’t do anything for me, after all. I must’ve just been lucky with the alignment of the previous prints. :frowning:

Hi no I didn’t have a warning but when I removed my rear panel one of my wires was damaged they had squashed it against

a screw when assembling the printer check yours make sure it isn’t broken

This may be the case for you but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the issue I have. We have 2 X1C’s and a PS1 at work and I also have a PS1 at home, none of them have this issue. I’m convinced its Y-sliders.

Anyone of you gotten some good news?

Support keeps telling me it’s normal, even tho my P1S doesn’t sound like this at all.
I even offered them to send it in so they can look at it.

Starting to get frustrated with Bambu in general and specially their lack of support.