X1C Scraping infill and tall print failiure

Hello, I purchased my X1C a few weeks ago and have been printing like crazy.

I was printing some fallout coasters and I noticed a scraping noise, and I looked in my printer and its scraping the infill and leaving small hairs( it looks like ■■■■) I know its the infill so it doesn’t really matter for something this small. I haven’t adjusted any settings in bambu studio. I’m using all bambu petg filaments in my AMS(using the settings that ams reads off of the spool). I performed a calibration last night and I printed two small semi flawless prints a few days ago.

Then I tried to print a AMS riser with petg I just got and it failed, I added pictures of the failiures

any help would be appreciated


Had this exact same problem with PETG! It appears to be a pretty common issue with that filament. First, I made a custom nozzle preset in the Bambu slicer. Click the little pencil edit thingy, and create a new nozzle preset - I called mine PETG. Then in the gcode setting I raised the nozzle .03. It looks like this (I’ve bolded the line that I changed, nothing else is different, but wanted to show what’s around it so you can find it easily) :

;===== reset machine status =================
M17 Z0.4 ; lower the z-motor current
G380 S2 Z30 F300 ; G380 is same as G38; lower the hotbed , to prevent the nozzle is below the hotbed
G380 S2 Z-25 F300 ;
G1 Z5 F300;
M17 X1.2 Y1.2 Z0.75 ; reset motor current to default
M960 S5 P1 ; turn on logo lamp
M220 S100 ;Reset Feedrate
M221 S100 ;Reset Flowrate
M73.2 R1.0 ;Reset left time magnitude
M1002 set_gcode_claim_speed_level : 5
M221 X0 Y0 Z0 ; turn off soft endstop to prevent protential logic problem
G29.1 Z{+0.3} ; clear z-trim value first
M204 S10000 ; init ACC set to 10m/s^2

Then, after that I went through and changed a few of my print settings. There’s a super good article here that explains the exact settings to change. :slight_smile: How to Succeed when 3D Printing with PETG Filament | MatterHackers
I hope this helps! I’ve printed for years with PLA, and was really surprised at how much it took to get PETG working well on my X1C.

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Thank you!

It’s weird, i’ve printed dozens of things in petg blue/yellow/black/white, Once I switched to this bambu grey petg, I ran into all sorts of issues. I ended up drying it and it still did it, so I will try what you suggested!

Right? Bambu PETG gray and black are the ones I have, and they were a mess. I’ve been scared to try other colors, but it sounds like maybe they aren’t as finicky? Good to know!

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Did you raise the Z value now by +0,03 or +0,3mm?
You have written 2 different values.

0.3mm must be to much right? It must be 0.03mm

Oof, yes that was a typo 0.03 is the correct value :smiley:

Same issue today with BB Grey PETG. Since the first few layers looked fine and the infill looked like yours, I slowed it down and upped the temp.
I am using 8mm3 max flow and 265C hotend and it looks perfect now.