X1C won't update firmware

I have X1C with firmware. According to X1/X1-Carbon and AMS Firmware Release History | Bambu Lab Wiki, the latest firmware is . In Bambu Studio, Device - Update I see this:

It tells me that my firmware is the latest and the Update firmware button is grey.

Also the printer itself won’t initiate a firmware update even it is connected to wifi.

How to update firmware?

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Are you connected to the cloud or lan?

Oh, we can’t update in LAN only mode? OK, I used Bambu Handy to connect to the cloud and now it seems it can update. Thanks

I hope they give us the ability to update from Bambu Studio even if the printer is in LAN mode.

I use Home Assistant for automation and dashboards to see my X1C status. It works best with LAN mode. I also like sending my prints via LAN as it’s much faster than via cloud. But in LAN mode, firmware updates are disabled.

Ideally, Bambu Studio would be able to periodically check for firmware updates, download them from the cloud, and then push them to the printer via LAN.

My X1C is on version and it is trying to update to and it continues to fail, regardless of if I start it through Bambu Handy, Bambu Studio, or from the printer itself.

The whole point of lan is so a no one has access to your printer!

Negative! The point of LAN mode is only my LAN has access to my printer. My PC runs Bambu Studio and my PC has internet access and LAN access. Bambu Studio checking for firmware updates periodically or when I press a “check for updates” button is perfectly reasonable.

I download STL from the internet and send them via Bambu Studio over LAN to my X1C. No reason that firmware couldn’t be done the same way.

First I would like to do it they way you are discribing, I think the reason they will not do it that way is they do not want people to get ahold of there firmware (This is just speculation). It is annoying to yave to keep shutting off lan and then connecting the printer back to my account for updates.

I agree it is annoying! I would expect there is not much difference between someone sniffing packets between printer and cloud versus between slicer and cloud or slicer and LAN if someone truly wanted to get the firmware. I’m sure Bambu could encrypt the firmware if they wanted (if it isn’t already) but it would be nice to give users options who don’t have the ability for the printer to connect directly out but where the PC running the slicer can. Often appliance firmware is distributed as a binary so it doesn’t make much sense to anyone anyway.

Another frustration I have is when not in LAN Only mode, the slicer will only see the printer via cloud and send the gcode via cloud also. Sometimes this will take forever or freeze up during load. Never have those issues in LAN only mode.

I wouldn’t mind enabling cloud more often if I still had full LAN access. But my ideal is to be able to have printer in LAN mode and let Bambu Studio handle firmware updates as a proxy to the cloud.

Side note: I wouldn’t mind trying Maker World but I see the comments from others that you still need a slicer for several of the models. If that’s the case, I don’t see any reason to enable cloud access.

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