X1carbon failures

So I have been running this printer like a horse since I got it late last year, and it’s been a dream of reliability, especially compared to my ender 3 and Kobra max.
Until recently. Then I started getting recurrent first layer failures and then spaghetti failures. But seemingly only on particular models. Figured it was model/slice issue. Did all the maintenance on the machine as well, ran the diagnostic multiple times, updated software, ran calibration multiple times, and then changed the hot end. Also on multiple filament types, matte, silk, regular PLA.
Issues continued and now getting worse. On small stuff it seems ok. On larger surface area things it is not. At a loss what to do. Pics attached.

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The failures look like adhesion issues. The edges of the hex not adhering and thus causing issue as the model builds up. On the flat part, again the edges pulling away is an adhesion issue. Clean your plates. Hot water and soap.


Looking at that rear purge line. It looks like the nozzle was or is bent a little. The back line is too close to the edge for me. I guess your build plate could be sitting wrong on the heated bed too. :man_shrugging:

Also if the nozzle is truly straight then your bed has moved some or never was trammed. It could even be rubbing the back wall of the printer chamber.

Just a list of things to check.

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Plates also don’t last forever, may be time for a reskin :wink: There may also be a few issues with ambient temperature heating up. I’m seeing a few more as the seasons rotate again, so remember to factor this in as it creeps up on you.

Yeah. Every time you peel a print off a build plate, it takes a little of the surface away with it. Over time, the surface erodes and filament doesn’t stick as well. Build plates are a consumable, just like nozzles.

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