X1E firmware update without binding to account?

We bought an X1E to use in a secure lab. It isn’t owned by a person and has never been online or tied to a personal account. Policy doesn’t allow us to.
Is they underststandin gfrom reading is there is still no SD card firmware update process. Is there any way at all to update the firmware without having to bind it to a person’s account? I happen to have one bc I own one at home but that is not apprpriate to use.

This is Bambu Lab’s answer to my question about offline firmware updates (translated):

There is currently no way to update the firmware offline as our current firmware update is account based.

Yes, it is stated in the X1E FAQ X1E FAQ | Bambu Lab Wiki
Last bullet point:" Is an internet connection required for firmware upgrades?
Yes, an internet connection is required for firmware upgrades."

Firmware change logs are listed here: X1E Firmware Release History | Bambu Lab Wiki so you can check regularly if a new firmware feature is something you can’t leave without and then decide.

As long as Bambu Lab wants to keep closed source, I don’t think they will ever release a firmware through SD card that will be easier to decompile unless it’s encrypted and decrypted by the printer.

The beef I have is not with getting it online or directly downloading firmware (Those are problems but can be worked around), its with the requirement to bind it to an account - which is tied to a person - in order to do so. There is no way to operate anonymously or as part of a team/group sans a fake identity.
The only option seem to be to make a fake gmail account, create a Bambu account with that, download the firmware, then share said account details with other team members, which is a terrible policy.

Let an administrator or IT department handle firmware updates and keep the printer in LAN-only mode at all other times.

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I guess it’s a good thing that the firmware releases for the X1E are few and far between.