"you are not allowed to create topics in this categor"

I’ve been posting in the P1 area for a while now, and now I suddenly get the message “you are not allowed to create topics in this category” when I try to post. I didn’t say anything to get me banned. Anyone have any idea what is going on?

Review the posts you’ve made and see whether any of them were hidden. If they’re all still visible, that would rule out being banned for posting something somebody deemed inappropriate. If enough people complained, maybe it bans you automatically without any kind of a warning before a moderator decides the matter.

Alternatively, if you do more of the forum tutorial, maybe it will give you more powers.

There seems to be something up with the Discourse forum software as others have brought this up.


I can’t post directly into the main categories either since recently, but it seems to work when choosing a subcategory first (like Bambu Lab A1 Series->Troubleshooting).
(looks like an housekeeping improvement to me)

I think @rclaus is right. They probably changed it so that you can’t post to the first category length X1, P1, etc., but have to post to one of the subcategories.

I think they did it because messages tend to get missed when posted to the top level categories.

I still can’t make a new post in the P1 (or other categories). And no, I checked my posts, and none were hidden nor did I say anything inappropriate. I’m not the only one having this problem? I wrote to some of the admins but they never responded. This is awful because I had a question I wanted to post in the P1 category. If this is how Bambu is going to handle things, then I may just have to go find another forum.

Are you able to reply to posts in P1? If so, you can PM me your question and I can post it on your behalf. Then I’ll disengage and you can take it from there.

I have the same issue. Working fine days ago, not I can’t post to subs. Only way is you have to click top left Topics, then New Topic on the right.

@NeverDie Thanks. My question was if anyone knows whether the hardened steel extruder for the X1 Hardened Steel Extruder Unit - X1 Series | Bambu Lab US would work on my P1S?

I just now submitted your post:

I cant post anything. I got a problem to discuss but cant open a topic.

Welcome to the forum,

You’re still classified as a “New User” and thus you don’t have the option to post new threads.

Once you move to the next level which is “Basic User” you will be able to post new threads/pictures etc.

It’s fairly simple to advance to “Basic” user and takes about 10 minutes of reading.

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

The restriction for brand new users should be understandable as it greatly cuts down on spam bots which no one likes.