Your Exclusive Filament Gift Awaits - Claim Now --- Riiiight

I bought the X1C and the AMS in May and never received the email. So I guess it doesn’t matter if it gets back in stock.


Non ho ricevuto il codice cosa devo fare?

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I dont have a code yet. How do i get one? Im on the maiing list and got an x1cc last month


I put the material on watch list to email me and that night I got email that they had more in stock on July 4th. So they seem to be stocking it from what I can tell regularly. I Have heard similar from others. So make sure get email notification on stock and be ready to order when you get an email. =)

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Also try using a private browser/incognito browser window. I saw different results when I used that with the redemption link.

DId you sign up for emails on promotions? They have FAQ that says everything needs to be done to get it.

Im struggling to find that. Im definitely subbed to the newsletter though


Its in the Blog of there 1 year anniversary here is a link =).

When can I receive the Gratitude Filaments Bundle code at $1.99?

Please note that this code will be provided to the E-mail used to subscribe to Bambu Lab. The email will be sent out in order as listed below:

June 27th: For printers ordered before December 31st. 2022

July 4th: For printers ordered between January 1st. 2023 to June 26th. 2023

July 24th: For printers ordered before the campaign period, where customers were also backed to subscribe within the campaign period.

Please make sure to use the same email to subscribe Bambu Lab as which you left to place the printers before.

I hope that helps you man =).

On the EU store, one of the bundles appears to be in stock now.
Probably you have to keep monitoring.

No email notification, 3 days past. :-/ I get notices about products, all to one email address… :frowning:

Not a happy bunny, I got my email last Tuesday, went straight on and ordered PLA-CF Black and Grey, used code and paid the £4 shipping, total £5.99, shipping updated Weds morning, still not here.
Checked last night and my original order has been changed to Blue and Green, I don’t want nor need blue or green, yes only £1.99 for 2 rolls, but not the 2 rolls I ordered!
But on another note, deliveries are taking ages now, you get an email saying your order has shipped, when in fact it hasn’t

I could not place the order.

I got the mail 4d ago. First thing, I had to drop cookies and re-login since something got messed up. The website showed me my support tickets and all, but the shopsite got it all wrong.

Now I wanted to oder the CMYK bundle together with two PLA-CF spools, and the shopsite tells me the code is not valid for the items. I tried without the CMYK bundle and it didn’t work either…

My order meanwhile arrived. So keep calm, they will do thier best to make it to all.

Okay, as mentioned earlier, in order for the coupon code to work,


I wanted to order other items to save on shipping, but that prevented the coupon code from working, so I paid the shipping charge and checked out just fine.

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Well I have to mention, the combination filament I wanted suddenly was available so ordered.
Lets hope they slowly stocking up finally on filament for all users :wink:

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I ordered the PLA-CF Blue Green bundle, along with a PEI plate and some other parts. At checkout, the code worked on the filament and the shipping was shown as free on a total of about $110. I reconsidered the extra items and cut the order back to just the filament and plate, bringing the order under the $49 free shipping limit. The coupon code on worked on the filament even though there was another item in my cart (U.S. store).

There seems to be a lot of inconsistency in the purchase options, even within the same countries’ Bambu store. The color choices seem to keep changing, and we seem to have different experiences when trying to redeem the bundle coupons at checkout.

That order was placed July 5. I received the FedEx tracking number for “one item” (the plate) on July 6, but as of now, July 8, FedEx has not received the package. There has been no notification stating when the filament will ship.

Originally, the link in the email took me to the global site where shipping to the US isn’t available. Switching to the US site didn’t help as the bundle did not show up anywhere and the code does not work on individual rolls of PLA-CF. Then a couple hours later, the link took me to the bundle page but all colors were listed as out of stock with the option to let me know when they were in stock. I figured the code is good for a while so I would wait. Yesterday I checked again just for fun. Now the bundle is only red, green, or blue in pairs with an expected date in August. I’m still in no hurry and the colors looked appealing so I grabbed the red/blue bundle. I can wait, I don’t have a plan or need for these colors but since I tend to use only silver, white, and black, I figured I’d change things up and the price can’t be beat.

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If you didn’t subscribe to their newsletter, you wouldn’t have received the letter. I suspect it’s too late to do so and still get the letter. If you did subscribe (and got the confirmation email), then there’s something else going on. Check your spam folder.

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Well I ordered mine and some spare parts. Apparently the filament is estimated on the 24th which is cool I get its a sell and all. Why I am posting this is that it was nice of them to mail me what they had in stock and notify me the other will be now coming in a separate shipment.

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You are referring to the global newsletter which has nothing to do with my Bambulab user account and can be subscribed by everyone? That would be odd.

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