Your Opinion: Solid FDM Parts for Voron

Hey you Guys,

i have a Question and want to have your Opinion.

I’m about to build a Voron.
The proposed print Settings for the Parts are:
→ 4 Walls
→ 5 Top/Bot Layer
→ 40% Infill

Does anybody see any Problems if I print these parts in"full solid" Mode
→ 4 Walls
→ 5 Top/Bottom Layer
→ 100% Infill (so to say: every layer is a Top/Bot Layer → solid part)

I See only one Problem, which should be ignorable:
Full Solid Parts which are mounted on fast traveling rails are a little bit heavier.

What do you mean?

I’m totally curious about your answers.

Happy Printing

Often 100% infill parts are oversize and have poor surface finishes as any excess plastic has nowhere to go but out. This can cause problems with fitment with other parts, fastening hardware and part location. I would advise against printing with 100% infill as the Voron part set has been meticulously designed to be printed at the listed settings. That being said, print some parts however you see fit and see if you have any issues.