YouTube Reviews and is it worth?

Saw a video today and just something quick of Youtube Reviewers.

You would have to be extremely good to living at it. A 3D printing reviewer has to have a lot of fun with it, only the gifted 3D printers make the review possible.

There are 2 types of video:

Those that bring followers - But they quickly disappeared, not the followers but the clicks on the videos. A clap of thunder and after 2-3 weeks the air is gone from the video. Would you watch an Ender 3 review today?

And then the videos that I call sustainable content - I would say, and just as an example: An extremely strong video on differences in materials such as PETG, TPU or usable support structures, etc. If you can finish a video like this in, lets say 200 minutes, you’re in the green zone and better do 3 than only 1 in a week until you get the channel to run and may you will need lot of sustainable well-listed videos.

So if you are a very creative person who can quickly create something decent without much preparation (and stay away from panic videos because you urgently need something) - if not, do it for the fun of it and selling t-shirts will never get you into the green zone in life. Except you are able to build a company behind it, than the YouTube PR will certainly be helpful too. But even then you have to keep your feet on the ground - just because you have, say, your first 50k followers doesn’t mean that you don’t have to question your opinion every day. Especially then you have to act very humbly…

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