Z-Axis top spool holder possible?

Hi everyone,

still waiting for the A1 Mini to be delivered (ordered without AMS).

Now that there are more reviews coming for the printer without AMS, I realized that the single spool holder increases the footprint of the machine.

I was wondering, if its possible to remix the Z-Handle from Makerworld to a single spool top mount.

That would lower the footprint and also take care of the issue, where the filament drops from the spool when the print head moves to the lower right after a print is finished…

Anyone who thinks this is a good idea and interested to try this out? Unfortunately, I have zero CAD skills :-/

Personally I would leave it as is and use adapter that guides filament. You are really so short on space? Designing it is easy but I’m not sure if adding 1.5 kg of mass on top is good idea. This printer is ultra fast and might get into some vibrations or swinging or skew. Or make changes to this one: A1 mini AMS LITE space saver by aim6mac - MakerWorld

Looks like someone had the same idea :slight_smile:

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And you can do such modifications within Bambu-Studio (or OrcaSlicer) by using primitives. Here is an example.

For more I can highly recommend you taking a look into TinkerCAD.

Its free, works in browser and is totally easy to learn.

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Thanks! Very cool, will definitely try it out as soon as the printer is here!

Exactly WHY would you need that “upgrade”?

Thinking about earth laws and psychics the more weight you have on top of something, the most top-heavy it is, e.g. more UNstable.
What is more having 1kg of spool ON TOP of everything introduces so much vibrations.

Never understood people that do that. And after a while you would start some topics about “how to make the quality better” or some BS. First thing I do with my printers is to leave the roll aside. Printed a few of spool holders with and without ball bearings.

Even if you need space or something, just put it above on a shell, below, next to… somewhere … but introducing more vibrations and unstability to the printer is so cool upgrade… Rock n roll