Zero Impressions in Analytics

I’ve noticed with my latest two models I’ve uploaded that analytics is showing zero “impressions”. However the models are still getting views.

My older models are still seeming to accumulate impressions.

Just curious whether other users have seen this problem? Curious whether it is a bug with analytics or an issue with these specific models.

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I reported this as a bug some 3 weeks ago.


I would ask to @Tanklet but better if you share your MW user so he could take a look directly

That was a bug report. I am pretty sure MW got it. MW should have no problem getting to my MW account and take a look if needed.

@james.h.s.brown @DWdesigns

I found your MakerWorld account and our team will check this issue.

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@Tanklet Not long after my post above, the issue was fixed on my account.


Thank you, issue appears to be fixed